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Funny / William Shakespeare's Romeo + Juliet

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  • Let's all be honest here: the moment in the film's opening minutes where one character shouts "put out thy sword!", is made hilarious by the camera immediately zooming in on the word "SWORD" engraved on the pistol's slide.
  • The film manages to combine Have a Gay Old Time, Parenthetical Swearing and This Is for Emphasis, Bitch! in one sentence just by putting a minor bit of emphasis on the end of Shakespeare's original line:
    "Bring me my longsword, ho!"
    • And again:
      Mercutio: Make it a word, and... a blow.
      Tybalt: You shall find me apt enough for that, sir. And you will give me occassion.
      Mercutio: (walking away suggestively) Could you not take some occassion without giving?
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    • Father Lawrence has a moment of this too:
      Father Lawrence: Young men's love then lies not truly in their hearts, but in their (momentary suggestive pause) eyes.
  • Sampson being hit on the head by a handbag-wielding woman during the gas station scene.
  • All of the cute little allusions to Shakespeare's lines dotted here and there as ad slogans. The best one: "I'll send it posthaste!" In the movie, "Post-Haste" is a courier service, like FedEx (note the typeface).
    • Shylock Bank.
  • The Montague boys leering and shouting 'I am a pretty piece of flesh'... at a group of nuns guarding a group of schoolgirls.
  • The cartoon sound effects used during the duel.
  • There's a scene completely unrelated to the original play where Romeo goes to the party and is so bewildered by what he sees, he thinks it must be the drugs Mercutio gave him.

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