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  • When Daniel focused on the phenomenon of Bros Icing Bros, he does a skit that shows someone icing him. He then prepares to drink it, then totally out of nowhere, he just smashes the bottle on the ground and slashes the guy's neck with it. While the guy is right there holding his bleeding neck, Daniel takes out a Zima and drinks that instead.
  • Daniel reuniting with his lion James Van der Beek, in a parody of Christian the Lion. As soon as the lion leaps for him, Daniel slashes the animal's stomach open, spilling blood and guts all over him and screaming.
    Daniel: That wasn't mine! That wasn't my lion!
  • From the video breakdown of the cruise ship where everything slides back and forth due to incredibly rough seas. "You know what'd make her feel a lot better? A hundred chairs!" (cue all the overturned furniture sliding across the floor towards her)
    • "Wow, I've never seen someone his size do the Smooth Criminal lean before."
  • The Balloon Guy's web redemption, in which he had to get his entire body in and out of a balloon without popping it. What Daniel says as he's standing next to a man with his upper half in a giant balloon seals it. "I think it's fair to say that this is the greatest moment of my life."
  • During his "Which Celebrities I Can Beat Up" segment:
    Okay remember, this is purely hypothetical. No offense to anyone. OK, who's first? (picture of Rob Schneider comes up) Rob Schneider? I would destroy that pussy. Once again, no offense...
    • When an audience member mentions Khloe Kardashian:
      Okay, she is a fictional celebrity. That is like asking me if I could beat up Shrek.
  • The segment in which Daniel rampages about the office with a claymore that he bought online. Especially the part where he exhibits his fencing technique.
  • When Daniel parodies the opening clip of one episode that features a woman giving birth in a bathtub. Daniel gives birth to his new puppy.
    Oh no. It's brown! My dad's gonna kill me.
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  • "Don't you see? He doesn't need a bigger penis. He's had a bigger penis inside him the whole time..."
  • The "Surprise Trust Fall" bit. The only person to fully catch him? A man in the shower at a West Hollywood gym.
  • Tosh, tired of an "unfunny British guy" doing every award show decides to submit his own Oscar host audition tape.
  • Daniel making an employee named Andrew eat a bunch of gross food. "Oh, THAT was disgusting! I don't even like tea." Also a Moment of Awesome.
  • When Chris Rock takes over for Daniel during his 10-Minute Retirement.
    "There's going to be some changes around here! First of all, I am not confused about my sexuality. I like men!"
  • Reenacting infamous porn videos with a G-rated tone... and child actors.
    Shake that bear! Shake that bear!
  • The treadmill marathon. ALL OF IT. Doubles as a CMOA.
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  • Daniel interviewing a soul surfer known as The Illusion, causing Daniel to laugh unexpectedly:
    Daniel: Where do you see yourself in five years?
    The Illusion: Whoooaaa... future tripping, man. I don't do that.
    Daniel: (silently laughs) Oh... that might be my favorite answer I ever heard in my life.
  • Daniel's interview with Sweet Brown (the "ain't nobody got time for that" lady); she never lets up her sassy, optimistic demeanor. Daniel was amused and confused at certain points.
  • The skit with Daniel dressed as Cookie Monster.
  • In one episode, the Cewebrity Profile is on a baseball player who was asked to sing "Take Me Out To The Ball Game", in which he sings in a monotone voice and messes the lyrics up almost completely.
    Buy me some crackers and peanut jacks...
    • Tosh offers him a bag of peanut jacks, peanuts covered in jack.
    • While talking about drug testing in sports...
    Tosh: You know what I would do? I'd take the cup and start feverishy masturbating in it...and they'd probably stop me, and say "Oh no, we don't need that kinda sample", and I'd be like "Oh no, this is how I pee."
    • On the Cewebrity Profile, they are in a baseball game which is between teams based on two shows: Tosh.0 (called Team.0) and Ellen.
      • After Team.0 beats the Ellen team, the Team.0 team spills a bucket of Peanut Jack on the Cewebrity.


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