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  • At the end of the Lightning Bolt LARPer's web redemption, after a rather impressive choreographed battle, he defeats his final foe by shooting CGI lightning out of his hands in slow motion. Yes, you can see it coming from a mile away, but you can't deny that it is awesome.
  • The nameless man in the video breakdown segment of the double rainbow episode. A guy smacks his girlfriend and he, as Daniel puts it, "flips the switch from boyfriend to Jason Statham". Another good quote about the beating, "The secret to fighting two guys at once is to be much tougher than both of them."
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  • For all the people who don't worship at the throne of Tim Tebow, Tosh's Take That! laden filibuster is just perfect.
    Daniel: The only time you should get down and pray like that is when you've done something awful, because that's what Tim Tebow represents. Being awful.
  • The Brony Sub-Reddit segment. Brony or not, you have to admit that it was pretty awesome how Tosh basically showed uncensored porn on national television and got off practically scot-free.
  • The fact that this show has lasted longer than most Comedy Central shows that have premiered in the past few years.
  • Daniel ripping ESPN a new one after SportsCenter copied his "Web Redemption" segment.


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