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  • Darren and Claire nuzzling noses? Cute. T.L. and Sasha joining them? Sorta cute too, though kinda awkward. Them switching partners and making out? What the heck??
  • The GI Joe-style animated segment features a guy getting punched so hard, his knife breaks into tiny pieces.
  • That dang falcon, and the brief worry that the rest of the video will be nothing but that falcon.
  • The Killer merrily chowing down on a human foot as the song goes: "It takes a lot to make a stew, when it's made of me and you, and him, and her, and the baby too..."
    • On that note, Katie hiding from the Killer in the closet - only to be given away by her credits glowing through the slats.
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  • Earlier, the detective surveying on Melinda's body, before the Killer gets him and the silly sitcom music starts back up again as he screams.
  • Too Many Cooks going Space Opera, as the heroic Cybernetic Operational Optimized Knights of Science versus the evil Beast Rebels Of The Hellscape.
  • The shrug and half-hearted smile that Marc Bradley gives after getting a bunch of documents dumped into his hands.
  • Josh Lowder's criminal character thrashing around on the ground after the cops incapacitate him. As they're unmasking him, it's clear that he's carrying an angry, hostile expression... until the camera freezes to show his credits, at which point he's smiling for the camera as if nothing is the matter.
  • The revelation of Matthew Kody Foster as... "Coat", who smiles for the camera in a half-dazed fashion.
    • Followed immediately by Lars Von Trier as "Pie".
  • Smarf's first appearance. It comes out of nowhere and is the first big clue that things are starting to go askew. But his cheesy smile and the implication that this fictional sitcom is so sappy that it features a cute puppet and gives him a Character as Himself credit is pretty funny, especially when you watch it again and know what's going happen to him.
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  • When things really start to go haywire, characters start to glitch between the genres. At one point, the space lizard, the robot and the police captain are shown having a pillow fight.
  • The part when the credits are anthropomorphized and the people are forced to act as their credits is funny for all the wrong reasons.
  • The superhero segment, whether it be Melinda spinning in place or Chris getting decapitated in mid-change, causing two see-through Chrises to fall to the floor along with their severed heads.

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