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Nightmare Fuel / Too Many Cooks

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  • The reveal of Intronitis, a disease that makes your name appear and forces you to act like a sitcom character. So terrible that a doctor who catches it begs to be killed.
  • Everything about the Killer. Within minutes of his arrival the show is hijacked and he turns a funny parody video in a chilling horror story.
    • There's something unsettling about how, during the animated segment with its Sunbow-esque cheap animation, the Killer appears, looking disturbingly realistic.
    • The part where the theme song becomes distorted/corrupted as the Killer chows down on his victims is probably the most disturbing, unsettling part of the short.
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    • Katie Adkins' death is legitimately disturbing.
      • The scene with Katie Adkins ends horribly, but it starts in a disturbing way too. Katie gets her little intro freeze-frame, smiling for the camera with her name displayed like any other... until the Killer starts clambering into view, the rest of the shot remaining completely motionless as he does. Until Katie's eyes dart in his direction. And then as he prepares to take a swing at her, Katie (who's still transfixed in the smiling freeze frame at this point) looks again, and her picture-perfect smile starts to falter... And it only gets worse from there.
    • He makes cameos all throughout the first half of the video, even 20 seconds after it starts. And some of those were right behind kids or a baby. What did he do to the baby?!
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  • The Credit-People, and the actors forced to be their "names". T.L./Marc Farley's reaction is appropriate, he's screaming. And the Credit-People's unnerving Aside Glance, with their featureless faces...


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