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  • Bengal kitten Winston mistakenly eating kitty litter while his siblings eat raw meat.
  • Pip the hedgehog hoglet climbing up people's pants.
  • Shiba Inu puppy Cinnamon squeaking with hiccups. Even funnier since she was playing with squeaky toys a few minutes earlier while her sisters Roxie and Misty were trying to sleep.
  • The "Oops" the narrator makes when it's revealed that the Siberian litter is all black, instead of white like their parents, due to looking like the black cat next door.
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  • Stoli, the father of the Russian Blue kittens, prefers to hide out in the bathroom sink while their mother Katyana is left alone to care for them. When the kittens finally find him, he is not happy at all.
  • One of the Sphynx kittens stumbling around, trying to find a place to nurse from his mom. He does eventually find one, but it was hard because, since he's so little, his eyes aren't open yet. At one point, he sticks his nose into what turns out to be his mom's paw.
    Narrator: No milk there!
  • "#MerryCuteness" features a brief montage of the puppies and kittens mewing, barking, etc. The song playing during this montage? "Silent Night".
  • The Australian Sheepdog puppies meet a bunch of ducklings, and the military-like music in the background makes the whole deal hilarious.
  • Retriever mix Maxwell, with his eyes not having opened yet, attempting to nurse from a stuffed horse. The narrator describes it as "a rather unfulfilling lunch".


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