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Funny / The Pagemaster

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  • When Fantasy wallops Adventure.
    Adventure: Ow, me binding!
  • When Dr. Jekyll offers Richard a drink, Adventure claims it's a man's drink and steps in. Horror then asks if he can have the olive.
  • The last lines of the film.
    Adventure: Hmm, you know what would make this a happy ending? A kiss.
    Horror: Doh, okay. (the picture goes black, as a smooch is heard)
    Adventure: I meant from her! (Fantasy can be heard laughing)
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  • When the books talk about Captain Ahab.
    Fantasy: He's possessed!
    Horror: He's insane!
    Adventure: He's my kind of guy!
  • As the group gets closer to Fantasy's section her magic starts to come back. When Adventure asks about it, she decides to test it on him. Adventure strikes a heroic pose, likely expecting something like a Badass Longrobe, only for him to be colored pink wearing a tutu.


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