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  • This:
    Akemi: "A week? You can eat this many apples in a week?"
    Maruchi: "It's my favorite food."
    Akemi: "Yeah, well, I like ice cream, but you don't see me eating a ton of it!"
    Maruchi: "Wouldn't that be because you need to watch your weight?"
    *Gets hit in the face with a two-pound bag of apples*
  • Maruchi's "Onee-chan!!" scene. The whole thing is completely absurd, especially considering that he's never acted like that aside from this one time. Apparently, wanting revenge on Akemi warranted this response.
    • ... Which later turns into a Heartwarming Moment when he apologizes for being a jackass.
    • That whole scene becomes Hilarious in Hindsight when you realize that that's a GROWN MAN acting like that in public.
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  • Shigeru coming home and thinking that his daughter just had sex in the shower with some strange boy. And then Rokuro trying to explain himself while he's being chased around by said weapon-brandishing father. It goes just as well as you think it does.
  • The breakfast argument in chapter 39, courtesy of the Hirota siblings. It's the kind of banter you'd expect out of them.
  • Possibly the entirety of the Family Issues chapter. Just to give you an idea, it starts out with Rokuro doing laundry. Not really a big deal, until you realize that it's Akemi's laundry.
  • Most definitely chapter 11-3. If Rokuro getting examined and touched by older men while he's shirtless won't cover enough bases, then Maruchi's neverending snarky remarks and comebacks certainly will.
    Maruchi: We're not usually this bad-tempered towards each other. Rokuro might just be in a foul mood because of his little nudity complex.
    • Akemi hits Rokuro with an English textbook to get him to stop yelling, to which the wizard just sits there in pain. When she tries to threaten Maruchi with the same treatment, he threatens to kill her.
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    • Then later, when Akemi asks the student-teacher pair about their "bet", Maruchi stays awkwardly silent as if he were actually scared of she would do to him if she found out.
    • "I'll just go prepare lunch. Maybe having food when they come back will be enough to appease his Royal Pole-Up-Ass's bad mood."
    • That entire chapter can be summarized in this one exchange:
    "Are you trying to get me pissed off?"
    "That depends. Is it working?"

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