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Heartwarming / The Magic For Idiots

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  • Rokuro's talk with Keiko in chapter 7-3.
    "There are other guys out there besides someone like that who'd like you a lot more. You don't know when you're going to meet that person, but it'll be a mutual attraction when you do. That's when you know you're a match."
    • As Akemi says, not bad for a guy with no romantic experience.
  • Maruchi's awkward apology to Akemi in the chapter Recompense. This doesn't seem like a big deal, but consider how Maruchi has treated Akemi up until that point, with his Humans Are Bastards outlook on life, and his recent torture done to her. The fact that Rokuro convinced him to apologize is a feat in itself.
  • Chapter 9-2; Rokuro admitting that he feels "safe" around Akemi, plus her subsequent admittal that she thinks he's strange. ("In your case, Rokuro-kun... Strange is definitely a good thing.")
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  • Akemi asking if Rokuro would like to be her friend. (Reversi's second chapter.)
  • Rie's procclamation that Daisuke will always be her brother after their mother makes snide remarks concerning him being adopted. This is a complete one-eighty from the beginning of the chapter, where the two of them were fighting over breakfast.

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