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Funny / The Kings Epic Adventure

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Episode 1

Episode 2

Act 2

  • Dr. Robotnik reveals his latest scheme to Scratch and Grounder:
    Robotnik: My boiz! This could well be the culmination of my unbelievably evil and brilliant career!! I have suck-seeded in building the most inescapable prison evah! Equipped with a foolproof lure system! Every detail is so perfect! I have modestly named it after myself! I call it... Robotnik's Beautiful Love Resort!

Episode 3

Act 1
  • The argument between Link and Gwonam at the beginning of Act 1, eventually leading to:
    Gwonam: Fumigation prevents my approach to my house. It makes me die. Got any food?
    Link: No.
  • The Ham-to-Ham Combat between Captain Falcon and Black Shadow (Shinenzuman).
    Captain Falcon: Black Shadow! YOU SUCK!
  • The King realizes that he forgot to make Black Shadow eat his shit:
    King: I suck.
    Snake: What do you mean?
    King: I forgot to make him eat my shit.
    Snake: Dammit! Don't regret your past- learn from it! Regrets just make a person weaker.
    King: What do you think about my shit?
    Snake: I don't know if I'd ever order one in a restaurant, but...


Episode 4

Act 1


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