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  • Twil-E Coyote
    • Applejack hitting Colonel Sanders with a thrown horseshoe.
    • "What in the World Wide Web are you up to?"
    • The Scream Discretion Shot after Gummy bites Pinkie Pie.
    • "Did Youtube plan this?" Cue cut to Youtube's "internal error" message page.
    • "Coca-Cola?" "No thanks, I'm fine!"
    • Twilight being saved from falling to her doom by a freaking helicopter.
    • "Where are my manners?! MORE EXPLOSIONS!!!!"
    Photo Finish: Not enough! (explodes) Perfect!
  • IM Meen outtakes
    • Oh, look! Natsumi!
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    • IM Meen hits the camera with the book he throws in the intro. His response says all.
    • His jump in the intro is a little too high, sending him through the ceiling.
    • This scene:
    Meen: How I hate Natsumi! (Cue record scratch and a freeze-frame of Natsumi blushing in anger)
    • The second-to-last outtake:
    Meen: How I hate Inuyasha! How he makes my stomach turn!
  • I. M. Meme (I. M. Meen Outtakes 2)
    Meen: When they open up this book, they're- (screams briefly as he got absorbed into the Book of Koridai)
  • In one take in the last episode of I.M. Meen Outtakes:
    Meen: How I hate R2-D2! (R2-D2 comes in and electrocutes Meen, then the latter falls over. R2 then looks at the camera and "laughs" while spinning his head.)
  • Foodfart!
    • Lady X's reaction to being called "a cold-farted itch". Her reaction alone says, "That's your best insult?"
    • Hoffy appears in person to accept The Nostalgia Critic's challenge of "here's a 65-million-dollar comedy! Perhaps you'd like to do something funny with it."
  • The Christmas Tree Of Doom: A YTP of The Christmas Tree:
    Mrs Hopewell: "I'M A TREE!!"
    Narrator: You always win when you're good. Merry Chri—
    Gene Wilder: Wrong, sir! Wrong! You know nothing! You lose! GOOD DAY SIR!
    Narrator: (slowly) Merry Christmas everyo—
    Gene Wilder: I SAID GOOD DAY!
  • Bambi, and the Quest to Become Prince
    • "Under the snow, beneath the frozen snow, there is nothing.
    • The "woo-hoo" argument.
    Great Prince: A prince does not "woo-hoo".
    Bambi: Yes he does.
    Great Prince: He certainly does not.
    Bambi: Does too.
    Great Prince: Does not.
    Bambi: Does too.
    Great Prince: Does not.
    Bambi: Does too.
    Great Prince: Does not.
    Bambi: Does too.
    Great Prince: Does not.
    Bambi: Does too.
    Great Prince: Does not.
    (Bambi fires his lazor at the Great Prince)
    Great Prince: I think it's best to leave the past in the past.
    Timon: Wrong! When the world turns its back on you, you *beep* the world.
    (cut to Bambi, looking shocked)
    Friend Owl: Without any further interruptions... The ground!
    (colour bars)
    Friend Owl: The groundhog!
    (cut to an angry porcupine)
    Kids: (as Owl has a priceless face) Porcupi—
    (colour bars)
    Friend Owl: The groundhog!
    (whatever's in the hole fires its laser, colour bars)
    Friend Owl: Dog-garnit!
    Thumper: Bambi got bombed by a porcupine.
  • Did you know that teeth?
    Dr Rabbit: You need to give me your chips, or I will grind you into toothpaste!
    (cue the little girl blowing him up with a rocket)
  • Michael Rosen and the Toffee Crisp Vampire
    • ..."It told the tale abOUT! the fiercest creature in the world"...
    • (blows raspberry) "What a stupid story!"
    • "Hand on the hand, feel the rhythm of the hand, hand on Windows, feel the rhythm of the *BSoD appears* Hand on London Airport, feel the rhythm of the planes, hand on nothing, feel the rhythm of the laaaaame. Hand in the sea, feel the rhythm of the shark, hand on the tree, feel the rhythm of the bark. Hand on the bed, feel the rhythm of the room, hand on the bomb, feel the rhythm of the kaboom!" *explosion*
  • Ashens And The Tat of Doom
    • "Moving swiftly on..."
    • "Why has it got two heads, I don't know. Why is that one's hair sticking into the air, I don't know."
    "I don't know." (Stuart flicks the Head Elf away.)
    That was needlessly brutal
    • "Go Go Gadget Copter!"
    • "Oh my gah-gah! They're dead! They're still not alive!"
    • "Polly Pocket is Satan."
      • This is immediately followed by the screen turning red with fire as evil laughter is heard, before Polly Pocket is defeated by a Bible tossed at her by Jesus.
    • A car on a model car track gets stuck in a loop, going through it over and over again.
    Merry Christmas, everyone!
  • Robotnik Consumes a 747
    • I have to be strong! Manly! *burps*
    • And you know what they say! (long beat)
    Robotnik and Mario: Merlin's mushrooms!
    • Ultimate weapon! *bonks gorilla on the head with a mind-control device to the tune of Imperial March*
    • I'll have to give myself a song!
      • When I activate this machine, I will become a popsicle! Woah.
    • My boy, you're not well! You're feverish! You're i— *Junior explodes* Knock it off! *pushes button, cue Running In The 90s at high speed*
    • I love being me!
  • Strange Things are Happening
    • Andy launching Woody into a brick wall.
    • Woody doing the Harlem Shake. Twice.
    • Woody getting hit on the head with an anvil.
    • "Hey, who moved my doo-doo pad way over here?"
    • Bo's staff yanking Woody's head off.
    • Hamm breaking up the staff meeting.
    • The baby monitor exploding.
    • Woody getting knocked off the bed and into a wall.
    • Buzz shooting his laser at Woody's head, causing it to explode.
    • Buzz referring to himself as "Budlight Beer".
    • "Hey, a LASER!"
    • Woody saying "YTP", followed by Buzz burping.
    • "He's not a space ran-GER!"
    • Buzz pressing a button on his suit resulting in a giant boxing glove on a spring coming out of it and knocking Woody into the wall (again).
    • "To Bed Bath and BEYOND!"
    • Buzz's Epic Fail at flying.
    Woody: Can't! Can't CA-AN'T!
    • "And another thing? Stop with this shake thing! It's getting on my nerves!"
    • Buzz's head exploding after Woody opens his helmet... actually, you know what? Any time that ANYTHING in this video explodes. It happens a lot.
    • "How dare you gut eyeballs! You suck!"
    • After Buzz asks, "You're mocking me, aren't you?", Woody's head is replaced by a mockingbird's.
    • This exchange...
    Buzz: WHERE?!
    (Cut to footage of a UFO... which promptly flies right into a cliffside)
    • Woody setting off Buzz's laser.
    • Andy's mom actually letting him drive. Guess how that works out.
    • The "YOU! ARE! A! TOOOOOOY!" Sparta remix.
    • The part set to the Hampster Dance.
    • "Dinner's DINNER!"
    • Sid repeatedly slamming his head against the window.
    • Eggman's cameo.

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