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Funny / The Jetsons

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  • In "Las Venus", George gets all flustered when he meets a hot woman while on a business trip in the titular location.
  • "Look at the Shrimp! Look at the Shrimp! Look at the Shrimp!"
  • "Open door!" (CRASH!)
  • From "To Tell the Truth":
    • The repair guy thinks that lying is better than telling the truth, so much so that he suggests George wash Elroy's mouth out with soap for being honest.
    • When a celebrity says she's "into people", Spacely says that he is too, in fact he "used to be one myself! I mean, I still am a purple—uh, person."
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    • When they're on a spaceship, there's a hole in it but it's being plugged by George's butt (he got flung across the room and was upside-down with his butt in the hole).


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