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This is the recap page for The Jetsons, one of Hanna-Barbera's best known creations and futuristic counterpart to The Flintstones. The show originally ran for a single season from 1962-1963, but its popularity led to a revival in 1985 where it ran until 1987. A movie was later created to act as the series finale in 1990. It ran for a total of 75 episodes.

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    Season 1 

  1. Rosie the Robot – The Jetsons get a robot maid named Rosie.
  2. A Date with Jet Screamer – Judy wins a date with Ricky Nelson-esque pop star Jet Screamer.
  3. Jetson’s Nite Out – George and his boss Mr. Spacely go to a robot football game without their wives’ approvals.
  4. The Space Car – George and Jane are mistaken for bank robbers when their car is switched with that of notorious gangster Knuckles Nuclear.
  5. The Coming of Astro – When the Jetsons decide to get a pet, a competition ensues between the dog Astro and his robotic counterpart ‘Lectronimo.
  6. The Good Little Scouts – George takes Elroy’s Boy Scout troop to the Moon.
  7. The Flying Suit – Mr. Spacely’s rival, Mr. Cogswell invents a flying suit, causing their rivalry to come to a head.
  8. Rosie’s Boyfriend – Rosie falls in love with a robot named Mac, the assistant of the Jetsons’ landlord Henry Orbit.
  9. Elroy’s TV Show – Elroy becomes the star of his own TV show.
  10. Uniblab (or Microchip Chump) – George’s new supervisor is an obnoxious and syncophantic robot named Uniblab.
  11. A Visit from Grandpa – George’s father, the feisty, 110-year-old Montague Jetson, is caught in a paternity scandal.
  12. Astro’s Top Secret – Mr. Cogswell believes Astro might have the secret to one of Mr. Spacely’s new inventions.
  13. Las Venus – George’s second honeymoon is divided between spending time with Jane and wooing a lady named Gigi Galaxy, who might be a potential client for Spacely Sprockets.
  14. Elroy’s Pal – Elroy becomes obsessed with the TV superhero Nimbus the Great.
  15. Test Pilot – When George believes he is going to die, he volunteers to test a supposedly indestructible jacket.
  16. Millionaire Astro – Astro’s former owner, millionaire J.P. Gottrockets, enters a custody battle with the Jetsons.
  17. The Little Man – George gets shrunken down by Spacely’s new invention, the MiniVac and due to a flaw in the machine, cannot be enlarged unless they can steal a cog from Cogswell.
  18. Jane’s Driving Lesson – Jane wants to take driving lessons and get another car, resulting in her unwittingly becoming Knuckles Nuclear’s gun moll
  19. G.I. Jetson – George, Henry Orbit, and Mr. Spacely are drafted into a two-week stint in the U.S. Space Guard with Uniblab as George’s superior.
  20. Miss Solar System – Jane enters a beauty pageant to prove to her husband that she is just as beautiful as Gina Lolajupiter (a parody of Gina Lolabrigida)
  21. TV or Not TV – George and Astro believe they have seen a live robbery (actually just a crime show in production) and go into hiding to avoid being silenced for knowing too much.
  22. Private Property (or No Space for Sprockets) – George finds out that Spacely Sprockets is built on the property of Cogswell Cogs during a property dispute between the two companies.
  23. Dude Planet – Jane goes to a dude ranch.
  24. Elroy’s Mob – When Elroy’s report tape is mixed up with that of his underachieving classmate Kenny Countdown, he runs away from home with Astro and joins a mob run by the infamous Muggsy Megaton.

    Season 2 

  1. Elroy meets Orbitty – Elroy adopts a pet alien named Orbitty.
  2. Rosie Come Home – Rosie believes she is going to be replaced and runs away from home.
  3. Solar Snoops – Mr. Spacely receives a mysterious package containing a robot guard dog named Sentro, which he sets to protect his Chocolate Microchip Cookie. What he doesn’t know is that the dog is actually the Trojan Horse of a spy working for Cogswell.
  4. Judy’s Birthday Surprise – The Jetsons plan a surprise party for Judy.
  5. SuperGeorge – The Jetsons buy a machine that can make wishes come true for one day, so George wishes for superpowers.
  6. Family Fallout – The Jetsons and the Spacelys compete on the game show Family Fallout (a parody of Family Feud).
  7. Instant Replay – George is given an invention called the Replayola that allows the user to change any moment of their life. When George erases his wedding day with Jane by accident, he now must choose between his old family life or his newfound wealth and power.
  8. Fugitive Fleas – A rock band of fleas take refuge on Astro’s body to escape a flea circus.
  9. S.M.A.S.H. – George must become Mr. Spacely’s loyal servant as compensation when Jane accidentally crashes Spacely’s car.
  10. One Strike, You’re Out – Mr. Spacely tries to outdo Cogswell by increasing work hours at his company and soon, his employees are all on strike. Meanwhile, George accidentally breaks Elroy’s robot athlete Jocko and tries to make up for it by portraying Jocko.
  11. Mother’s Day for Rosie – When Mother’s Day comes to Orbit City, George decides to give Rosie the opportunity to enjoy it by searching for the blueprints of Rosie’s predecessor XB-400 (Rosie is XB-500).
  12. S’No Relative – George and Jane’s nephew Hunky Moonrock comes over, but an alien from the planet Polaris escapes researchers and is thawed out at the family’s backdoor.
  13. Dance Time – Jane convinces George to take dancing lessons to avoid embarrassing Jane at a housewarming party, but George gets automatic dancing shoes instead.
  14. Judy Takes Off – Judy visits her cousin Melissa while George spies on her to make sure she stays out of trouble. Meanwhile, Jane and Mr. Spacely’s wife, Stella, compete for “Woman of the Year”.
  15. Winner Takes All – George is tricked by Mr. Cogswell into entering an Olympics-style competition against him. However, Cogswell is secretly relying on his twin brother to win.
  16. The Mirrormorph – The Jetsons contend with a mute, shapeshifting alien.
  17. The Cosmic Courtship of George and Jane – George and Jane find out that the minister who married them was a fraud, so they must go back to Las Venus to renew their vows. But, Mr. Spacely and Jane’s ex-boyfriend are in Las Venus too.
  18. High Moon – George takes the family on a road trip to rediscover the roots of the Old West.
  19. Hi Tech-Wreck – Mr. Spacely has the Jetsons relocated to Outer Moongolia.
  20. Little Bundle of Trouble – The Jetsons take in a baby left on their doorstep. What they don’t know is that this baby is actually a very short jewel thief in disguise.
  21. Elroy in Wonderland – Elroy and Astro dream about a world where antique robots war against each other in this mix of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz and Alice in Wonderland.
  22. The Swiss Family Jetson – When George gets temporarily laid off by Spacely, the Jetsons go to the planet Paradisio to live off the land. However, a redevelopment company wants to turns the little paradise into condo estates.
  23. Rip-Off Rosie – Rosie becomes a kleptomaniac with a “Jekyll-and-Hyde” personality.
  24. Fantasy Planet – In this parody of Fantasy Island, the Jetsons visit Fantasy Planet for a vacation where George is the head of Jetson Sprockets, Jane is the queen of an idle asteroid, Judy is a popstar, and Elroy is a superhero.
  25. Space Bong – George is kidnapped by a spy organization called SNEAK when they mistake him for their archrival Space Bong, who happens to look exactly like George Jetson!
  26. Haunted Halloween – A museum curator wants to make Orbitty his special project in time for Halloween.
  27. Astro’s Big Moment – Mr. Spacely makes George the judge of a dog show. There, George faces a dilemma when his family wants Astro to win, Spacely wants his own poodle to win, and a mobster wants his bulldog to win.
  28. Jetsons’ Millions – George wins 10,000,000 Venuties from a raffle book for the Venutian Sweepstakes, to Mr. Spacely’s outrage.
  29. The Wrong Stuff –Elroy and Astro get stuck in space, and have aged significantly when they return home in this spoof of The Right Stuff.
  30. The Vacation – The Jetsons go on vacation to The Love Rocket, where George and Jane must contend with old flames from their high school days.
  31. Team Spirit – Spacely Sprockets and Cogswell Cogs compete in robot baseball.
  32. Future Tense – Janes gains the power of clairvoyance when she gets glasses from the planet Bevdayo.
  33. Far-Out Father – Elroy must make a Father’s Day video for school, but Astro has fallen in love with the neighbours’ poodle, causing a great deal of problems.
  34. Dog Daze Afternoon – George and Jane accompany Mr. Spacely to a business convention to show off his new invention, the Executive Instant Transporter. Meanwhile, Elroy has created a dog training invention. However, the inventions’ respective disks have been mixed up…
  35. Grandpa and the Galactic Gold Digger – Grandpa Jetson falls in love with a young lady named Nova Neutron, whose boyfriend is planning to rob him.
  36. Robot’s Revenge – An incompetent robot named Ralph seeks vengeance against George for costing him his 32nd job.
  37. To Tell the Truth – George convinces Elroy to tell his mother the truth, but when George ends up being stranded with a woman on an asteroid, he lies to Jane about why he came late from work.
  38. Boy George – Feeling old, George decides to become younger – but it works too well.
  39. Judy’s Elopement – Spacely hires his nephew Sam to be George's new supervisor, but Sam wants to elope Cogswell’s daughter Asteroid. To make matters worse, George believes Sam is eloping Judy, thanks to Rosie’s mixed-up messages.
  40. The Century’s Best – In the Clip Show Episode, the Space-Time Capsule Contest is being held and only one story is allowed per family to be entered. Now, the Jetsons debate over which of their adventures to choose from.
  41. A Jetson Christmas Carol – The cast reenact Charles Dickens’ classic tale with Mr. Spacely playing the role of Scrooge, George as Bob Cratchit, and a sick Astro as Tiny Tim.

    Season 3 

  1. Crime Games – Elroy discovers a robbery plot by The Gripfather and George gets caught in the middle of the scheme.
  2. Astro-nomical I.Q. – Elroy invents a machine that turns Astro into a genius.
  3. 9 to 5 to 9 – Judy's latest crush, Rocky Retro, falls for Marsha Van Marsdale's new car. So, Judy decides to get her own car, even if she has to work for it.
  4. Invisibly Yours, George – George becomes invisible, thanks to Mr. Spacely’s new Spot Remover.
  5. Father/Daughter Dance – Judy does not want to be embarrassed at this year's Father/Daughter Dance, so George makes arrangements with Grandpa Jetson to replace him as Judy's partner
  6. Clean as a Hound’s Tooth – George discovers that he has become stressed out lately due to his teeth, so his dentist creates special false teeth to relax him
  7. Wedding Bells for Rosie – When Mac is marked for permanent deactivation, George finds that the only way to save him is by marrying him to another robot with an updated BEBOP – and Rosie has just that.
  8. The Odd Pod – Jane buys an alien plant meant for an exotic plant contest, but it wreaks havoc on the apartment. Meanwhile, George tries to perfect his Barbershop Quartet performance.
  9. Two Many Georges – George clones himself, but the duplicate proves to be better than George at everything.
  10. Spacely for a Day – After coming on top in an aptitude test, George takes over Spacely Sprockets while Mr. Spacely is away. However, Cogswell is planning to destroy his rival’s company and frame George for it.


  1. Jetsons: The Movie - George is made head of a Spacely Sprockets factory and mining colony located on an asteroid, which is being continuously sabotaged by somebody. There, George soon discovers that it is built on top of a community of subterranean aliens, who want production shut down before it destroys their home. Meanwhile, the rest of the Jetson family adjust to their new life.
  2. The Jetsons & WWE: Robo-WrestleMania! - On assignment from Mr. Spacely, George discovers WWE wrestler The Big Show frozen in ice for 100 years. After being thawed out, Big Show soon discovers that WWE wrestlers have been replaced with robots. Enraged, Big Show declares a takeover of Orbit City, and the Jetsons, using a time travel method that Elroy developed, recruit several WWE superstars to help stop him.


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