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Tear Jerker / The Jetsons

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  • The episode "Elroy's Mob", when Elroy runs away because his family (mostly George) refuse to believe that he didn't get low marks in his report.
  • In "Elroy Meets Orbitty", Astro spends most of the episode in a funk because he's jealous of Orbitty and because Orbitty ate his food and caught the stick first in a game of fetch. He then imagines Orbitty replacing him in the family photo and leaves home. When he comes back, Orbitty imagines Astro replacing him in the family photo and leaves home, but luckily, he comes back and the two pets make friends.
  • In "Rosie, Come Home", Rosie thinks the family don't need her anymore and leaves home. She then stands in the rain and cries.
  • In one episode, George creates a clone of himself, with additional skill and intelligence put in, making him an Ace. He's so good at being a patriarch that George himself decides to let the clone be with his family, while he himself signs up for military enlistment.


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