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Headscratchers / The Jetsons

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  • Exactly why does George stay with a boss who's firing him constantly? Why doesn't he just quit?
  • George Jetson and Jane Jetson's official ages are 40 and 33 respectively. Their oldest child Judy is 16, which would mean that Jane was around 16-17 when she was pregnant with her. The age difference means that George was 24 when he impregnated Jane. Is this a case of Writers Cannot Do Math? Or is it supposed to indicate that the future will have a more lax attitude toward the age of consent?
    • Given the technology available there's any number of things that could have sped up the pregnancies or put Jane in suspended animation where she wouldn't age.
    • There are a good number of nations that put the age of consent at 16. Do what you make of that.
    • In the original intention the ages were probably a bit further than intended, as later episodes would show George and Jane courted when they were still young. Though that wouldn't rule out the possibility George was in college and Jane was in high school at the time. Realistically the generation gap is going to hit this question as whether it is Squick to be in favor of such relationships or age prejudice to object to such relationships.
  • Where is the ground in this show?
    • Under the sky, duh.
  • In "Rosie, Come Home", Rosie is in the rain and she does something that seems like sneezing or spitting. Is this just another symptom of her microchip running down, or is she actually sneezing or spitting?
    • As her function as a household robot includes programming the food synthesizer, which requires the ability to taste things, she must have the ability to take in and expel liquids. So most likely she was doing something analogous to sneezing or spitting.