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Headscratchers / The Jetsons

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  • Exactly why does George stay with a boss who's firing him constantly? why doesn't he just quit?

  • George Jetson and Jane Jetson's official ages are 40 and 33 respectively. Their oldest child Judy is 16, which would mean that Jane was around 16-17 when she was pregnant with her. The age difference means that George was 24 when he impregnated Jane. Is this a case of Writers Cannot Do Math? Or is it supposed to indicate that the future will have a more lax attitude toward the age of consent?
    • Given the technology available there's any number of things that could have sped up the pregnancies or put Jane in suspended animation where she wouldn't age.
    • While this headscratcher can clearly take things into a Rule of Cautious Editing Judgment territory but in 2018 there are a good number of nations that put the age of consent at 16. We may wish to leave it that.
  • Where is the ground in this show??
    • Under the sky, duh.


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