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     Season 1 
  • Clarice's reaction when Marcos, Lorna, and John find her is to throw a coffeepot and a mug at them.
  • Right after Reed gets his point across to the school director to deal with Andy's bullies, he wonders to Caitlin if he overdid his Death Glare. She thinks it was "the perfect amount of glare."
  • Andy tries to use his powers to remove a snack from the vending machine. He ends up blowing it up and causes the family to make a run for it, but not before making sure he gets the snack.
  • When John starts trying to teach Clarice to use her powers out of positive emotions instead of fear or anger, her happy thought is of a warm jelly doughnut.
  • Lorna and Sonya go undercover in a bar to get information on a Trask Industries lab from a security guard. His attitude towards mutants angers Lorna, so she uses her powers to bend a spoon around her knuckles and punches him in the face. Sonya's expression is priceless.
    Sonya: Lorna, what the hell?
    Lorna: What? I'm just teaching him to respect the genetically different.

     Season 2 
  • In the season two trailer, everyone's attention goes to Lorna after her pregnancy pains causes her to move a car. She smiles apologetically and says that the baby was kicking.
  • The scenes with Lorna and Andy in 2x01 are a cross between funny and heartwarming.
    Lorna: So if I get pre-eclampsia, what will you do?
    Andy: My best.
  • Later, when Andy ask her if she wants to hear more of his names for the baby, Lorna tells his he should be naming porn stars, not children.
  • When Lorna starts going into labor and is entering the bunker built for the birth, one of the Cuckoos calls for everyone to take off any metal. Reeva removes her earrings.
  • When Andy is questioned by Lorna about his effort in the training simulator, he hides his reason for fatigue (dreams about Lauren) by claiming that he "spent all night playing League of Legends".
  • After subduing Marcos by making him essentially burn himself with his own power, Reeva, in the most causal tone, asks a nearly about to pass out Marcos, "Are we done?".
  • While Clarice and Marcos are taking the escaped mutant mental hospital patients to the Morlocks' location, Marcos, disgusted by the smell, asks Clarice how John endured being down there with his Super Senses. Clarice tells him that John breathed through his mouth.
    Marcos: (Takes breath, then coughs) Now I can taste it.
  • When Clarice and Erg are discussing morality while they are stealing food, the latter responds with this killer line, rebuking Clarice's claims about the Mutant Underground's goals.
    "I don't believe in dreams... I believe in Corn Flakes."
    • This is followed by him throwing a box of multiple Corn Flakes to a bewildered Clarice.
  • As the Inner Circle hits the Creed Financial bank, Esme is left behind to watch Dawn. Hilarity Ensues as she tries desperately to get Dawn to stop fussing and crying.
    "I could make you quiet, but Auntie Esme's not allowed in your head anymore..."
    • At one point, she finally gets Dawn quiet, only to have the silence interrupted by Sage announcing the mission's progress. Esme angrily shushes her. Sage delivers her subsequent lines in a much softer voice.
  • Caitlin goes to see her brother, Danny, who's thrown as he assumed they were all dead. He even shows them their gravesites and how it was a lovely service.
    Danny: They played your favorite nocturne.
    Caitlin: That wasn't my favorite, that was Mom's, you made me practice it on the piano for hours until I hated it.
    Danny: Oh, you're going to blast me on the details of the funeral you didn't even bother showing up for?
  • During the season finale, as the Mutant Underground is preparing for the showdown with the Inner Circle, Reed is surprised to find that Caitlin has assembled an arsenal of guns.
    Reed: Where'd you get all these?
  • Reed's rather blunt reaction to finding out that Fade was involved in the Inner Circle's latest move:
    Reed: God, I hate that guy.

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