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     Season One 
  • The lengths Reed and Caitlin are willing to go to protect their children. After previous installments of seeing parents outright disown their children for being mutants, it's nice to see parents who love their children unconditionally.
  • Marcos's devotion to Lorna, especially since this is before he finds out she's pregnant with their child.
  • When Marcos and Caitlin go to the hospital to get medicine for Clarice, Caitlin gains more understanding of what mutants go through. Marcos, who at the start called her out for not caring about mutants before her children's powers manifested, then tells her that it's good that she chose to stand by them instead of throwing them out. It's a sweet change for both their points of view, especially given the world they're all in.
  • The flashback to Lorna and Marcos shortly after their meeting shows off Lorna's inner idealist - she's seen just how much persecution they can face, but she still wouldn't change anything about her powers and she fights to keep mutants safe and free. The whole conversation is a warm, hopeful, optimistic moment in a world filled with bigotry.
  • Instead of getting angry at Caitlin for running off and putting everyone in danger, Marcos understands and tells her that he's also done stupid things for the people he loves.
  • Reed is about to give up the Mutant Underground in accordance with his deal with Turner by having the bartender whom he saw when he met Marcos lead him to the underground with Jace tracking him. When the man is going to take him to the underground, he meets a mother and daughter who are both mutants that the Sentinel Services came after. After seeing their innocence, Reed proceeds to jump out of the van to allow them to get away and botches the deal. It goes to show that Reed, despite his job, is indeed a good person.
    • The mother herself takes away Reed's pain when they first meet. He's a stranger that she's never met, but she thinks mutants and people that care about them should stick together.
  • Marcos and Lorna's reunion.
  • Reed's reunion with Andy and Lauren
    • Not only that but when Fade calls out Reed for the time he nearly exposed them, Andy and Lauren quickly come to their dad's defense.
  • Lorna and Marco talking about their baby. Even in the situation they are in, it really warms the heart to see two young parents to be planning for something to look forward to.
  • The Struckers eating dinner and realizing how much they are helping the Mutant Underground and thus deciding to stay.
  • Reed and Eclipse bonding over the latter's impending parenthood.
  • Clarice talking to Norah and trying to cheer her up.
  • Marcos promises Lorna that they'll be able to keep their child safe together.
  • Otto Strucker commits a Heroic Sacrifice to save the child he hasn't seen in decades.
  • When Sonya and Clarice are imprisoned together, Sonya shares a story about how she used to volunteer at a shelter and sometimes used her powers to blur the abused women's memories. It demonstrates that Sonya really is a good person who struggles to find ways to use her powers helpfully.
    • When Sonya admits her fears, Clarice shares a little of her own past and insists that they shouldn't give up.
  • Throughout episodes twelve and thirteen, Andy mentions Lorna multiple times while she's gone, saying things about how she'd trained them to fight and that he wished she were there. At the end, she puts an arm around him to comfort him as they walk away.
  • When Marcos hugs Lorna after she tells him that she's always loved that he has faith, her smile fades as she realizes that she has to kill Campbell and Montez. Becomes heartwarming when you realize why she's doing it - because even as she prepares to cross a line, she's doing it to protect the people she loves by making sure they don't have to get their hands dirty.

     Season Two 
  • Heavily pregnant Lorna humming to her baby and her ensuing conversation with Reeva.
  • A lot of Andy's relationship with Lorna. He spent a lot of the first season angry and fighting with his family, behaving in a rather self absorbed fashion. In the first episode of season two, he is much calmer, spending most of his screentime trying to support Lorna, even promising her he'd protect her baby if something happened to her.
  • The birth of Lorna's baby girl, who she names Dawn.
  • What gives Lorna the strength to finally give birth to her daughter despite the horrific pains? The Frost sisters showing her a vision of their Utopia where Mutants are safe and free from persecution with her daughter running up to hug her.
    Lorna: [happily] We did it, baby.
  • Esme of all people shows concern for Reeva's ruthless actions several times.
  • Marcos using his powers to shine green light into the sky, which Lorna sees.
    Lorna: Look, Dawn. Daddy is saying hello.
  • Marcos finally getting to see and hold his daughter.
  • Reed (with some help from Lauren) finally telling Caitlin about his mutant powers.
  • The casual mention that Lorna's birth father was the one to make a call getting Lorna out of the mental hospital. Magneto may not have been present in her life, but between this and the earlier reveal that he sent her a birthday present at least once, it's clear that he was keeping an eye on his daughter.
  • Why is Caitlin so determined to bring Andy back? A flashback reveals that Caitlin’s pregnancy with Andy was difficult and that it was very likely giving birth to Andy would either result in his death, hers, or both only for Caitlin to flat out deny getting an abortion as she was not giving up on her son.
    Caitlin: I have been fighting for Andy before he was even born.
  • In "afterMath", John bonds with Michael, an escapee who has a military background like he does. Of course, this makes it all the sadder when Michael dies from his injuries.
  • Esme taking Lorna’s side when Reeva refuses to share all the details of her plans with her telling Reeva that if they want Mutants to come to their side they actually have to let them believe in and trust in what they are doing.
  • Esme apologizing to Lorna for for entering Dawns mind and telling Lorna that she would do anything to prevent any harm from coming to her daughter and that she’s on Lorna’s side whether she’s with Reeva or not.
  • After Lorna gives Dawn to her aunt, she sends Marcos a picture of the baby along with the caption "She is loved". After spending several days away from his infant daughter, he can now see her again, despite not being there in person.
  • Lorna and Andy teaming up with the Mutant Underground to go rescue John.
  • While Marcos and Lorna are still understanbly on edge being around each other again Caitlin and Reed are over joyed to be reunited with their son with Andy excited when his father reveals to him that he has powers as well.
  • Marcos and Lorna finally reconciling as Lorna becomes disillusioned with the Inner Circle.
  • Erg painting an M on Caitlin's face after the latter saves Glow's life. Heartwarming for two reasons: First, Erg is making some genuine progress to shed his anti-human bigottry. Second, he essentially appointed Caitlin a honorable member of his community.
  • Lorna and Andy finally rejoin the Mutant Underground
    • Also the fact that everybody accepts them back with open arms and hugs.
  • Erg coming to John's aid in his time of need in honor of Clarice.
  • Marcos and Lorna being reunited with Dawn.

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