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Fridge Brilliance

  • In a bit of meta brilliance, The Gifted takes place in the same universe as X-Men films and, unlike Legion, is unambiguously set in the present so why is Blink, who Days of Future Past recast here? Because Gifted is set in the Alternate Timeline present created after DOFP, and it's safe to assume that the same people would be born, just with slight genetic abnormalities differing them from their Original Timeline counterparts.
    • Word of God is that Gifted is set in a fourth universe separate from Legion and both film timelines, which just makes it even more appropriate to recast the actress.
  • Eclipse's "kinky" exchange with Blink where she asks if he ever burns his girlfriend (Polaris) with his photon powers. Eclipse replies that Polaris doesn't mind, which is why she's his girlfriend. In fusion reactor designs, the sun-like plasma is contained with magnetic fields.
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  • The antagonist government organization persecuting mutants is called "Sentinel Services". What's the acronym for this? SS.
  • In Season 2 Reed’s shown to be developing powers despite his father apparently having cured him of his X-Gene. How is this possible? Well as shown with Otto or even Lorna with the inhibitor collars. A powerful enough mutant (or the offspring of one) can overcome power canceling appliances.


Fridge Horror

  • Just what exactly happened to the X-Men and Brotherhood that caused them to disappear in this Alternate Universe. It's similar to or the same as the reason everyone is extremely aggressive and persecuting towards 'all' mutants.
  • The idea that at any time some random person you just met could develop powers and lose control of them thus causing mass destruction, injuries and death by complete accident, not to mention on purpose. As showcased with the second episode, even other mutants aren't safe from this.
  • The Alpha Bitch of the prison population remarks to Lorna that she heard she was knocked up. Which means someone let that information leak to the rest of the population, possibly even deliberately, given how Lorna is attacked in the prison yard fight.
  • Lorna and Andy are frightening when their personalities are considered alongside their power sets. Lorna has poorly treated bipolar disorder and Andy, as a long-suffering high school loner who tends to suggest antisocial acts, is the sort of kid one worries might bring a gun to school one day. As a "weaker" Magneto and someone who can tear matter apart respectively, they could cause far more damage than a normal disturbed person with a gun could and both seem aware of this to some degree. For bonus points Andy's powers are strongest (and lash out without the best control) when he's angry.
    • This is heightened when it’s revealed that Andy and Lauren's ancestors were the Fenris Twins who could create a large amount of destruction simply by holding hands.
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  • Andy and Lorna shutting down all the mutant containment collars is this when you realize there’s a good chance that probably not all of those inmates were Mutants wronged by the law.

Fridge Logic

If the Strucker twins are powerful enough to nearly destroy an adamantium wall, why wouldn't they use their powers to rip the inhibitor collars off?

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