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The Catalyst for Mutant Persecution
Rather than the Senator Kelly murder, as in X-Men: Days of Future Past, in this reality the persecution of mutants was specifically the result of a Stamford-style incident between the X-Men and Brotherhood (a possible candidate is mentioned in passing in the Pilot episode), where a large number of innocent civilians were killed in the crossfire.

Rachel Summers will appear
Ahab has been casted and it mentioned the Hound program being active though not by name. Who is the most famous Hound? Rachel Summers.

The X-Men and the Brotherhood were abducted by the Shi'ar Empire.

Alternatively, they were abducted by the Brood.
Similar to the comics.

Rogue will appear at some point.
Anna Paquin (Rogue in the X-Men films) is married to Stephen Moyer (Reed), and plans for her to guest star on the show have allegedly been discussed.

Lauren will gain invisibility (or something like it) as a secondary mutation.
Her powers are already comparable to that of the Invisible Woman's, and since Fox holds the Fantastic Four film rights as well, it's definitely possible.

In this universe, only X-Men Origins: Wolverine, X-Men: First Class, X-Men and X2: X-Men United happened.
The incident between the X-Men and the Brotherhood mentioned is an alternative to what happened in
X-Men: The Last Stand (see also first WMG above). Also, the events surrounding X-Men: Days of Future Past occurred differently WITHOUT time travel as well, preventing a worst future.
  • Jossed by Word of God, which states that The Gifted is set in a universe completely unconnected to any prior installments of the franchise.

Jace Turner's deceased daughter was a mutant.

The July 15th Incident didn't happen the way most people think it did.
The government may have exaggerated and/or fabricated some of the info about it, or perhaps even caused it by doing something to one or more of the Mutants involved. Maybe there were killer robots that the Mutants were fighting in an effort to protect civilians. Maybe a Mutant who worked for the government inserted false memories into the witnesses' minds. Whatever the mechanism, if the truth comes out, it'll be a gigantic scandal.

Utopia will eventually be founded.
The X-Men have disappeared, and as noted above, Rachel Summers has been hinted at. If Rachel eventually appears, it's highly possible that her father and at least part of his team will as well. Scott is very well known for stepping up to lead mutantkind when they're being persecuted, and what better way than to found a country where they can all be safe?
  • Lorna will volunteer to lead X-Force.

Reed and/or Caitlin are Mutants.
Where did their kids get the X-gene from? Besides, it would be cool to see Root with mutant abilities.
  • It should be noted that mutants don't necessarily inherit the X-gene from their parents and it often skips a generation or two. Mutations also usually manifest no longer than puberty, so if either of the parents are mutants, they're likely hiding it. Which makes sense, given this universe's hostile attitude towards mutants.
  • Reed's grandfather and great aunt are Andreas and Andrea Von Strucker, so we now know where the X-gene is from.
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  • Confirmed for Reed and Jossed for Caitlin as of Threat of eXtinction.

Every single project that Matt Nix has worked on or been attached to is set in the exact same 'Verse.
Maybe the reason Jessie Porter never mentioned he has a twin brother is because he's ashamed of his brother's actions after the death of Jesse's niece.

Jace Turner is gonna be kicked out of Sentinel Services for going too far.
Jossed. Turner actually quits Sentinel Services due to him feeling like they are not doing enough to stop the mutants.

This show is the X-Men comics without Comic-Book Time
Granted, I don't know when the Farris twins in the show were around since the fifties and I have no idea when they appeared in the comics and the X-men only showed up in 1960s but with all the talk of the X-men and Brotherhood, maybe this set in a future where the orginal five X-men aged normally, meaning if they survived, they'd be pushing one hundred.Maybe the X-men who disappeared were led by Rachel Summers.

The serum that Otto used to depower Reed will wear off.
Confirmed as of "unMoored."

List of Mutants that may appear
  • Rachel Summers: Stated above
  • Franklin Richards: Could be Sentinel Services' secret weapon. Also has a relationship with Rachel Summers.
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  • Leech: With Pusle's death in Threat of Extinction, Sentinel Services might have a back up
  • The Stepford Cuckoos: Esme has already appeared, so there should be no reason they won't show up.
    • One of the promo pics for the midseason finale appears to depict Esme with one of them.
      • Confirmed.
  • Scarlet Witch: She is the sister or half-sister of Polaris in most adaptations, so she could be a means having backstory for Polaris.
  • Some of the major X-Men or Brotherhood members. Those who have appeared in the film may be recast to establish the separate universe a'la the Arrowverse vs. the DCEU Films:
    • Magneto: It's confirmed by Word of God that he's Polaris' father. He could therefore appear either in flashback, or revealing himself alive later in the series.
    • Professor X: Most likely in a flashback.
    • The X-Men themselves: Cyclops, Jean, Iceman, Storm, Wolverine, etc. in a flashback if the July 15th Incident is ever shown in detail. Perhaps some are still around and in hiding.
      • Of these, Cyclops might be the most likely, due to his brother's relationship with Lorna in the comics.
    • X-23: In an adaptation of NYX, substituting the Mutant Underground for Kiden, and allowing a Wolverine-type character without using Logan himself.
    • Alternate to the above, they might use Daken instead.

Like in Logan, we'll see X-Men comics.

Dreamer isn't (permanently) dead.
We know that Campbell has access to a mutant with healing abilities. It's entirely possible that Pulse was killed when originally captured, but Campbell's healer revived him for the program. He could conceivably do the same with Dreamer, as well, and turn her against the Underground.
  • Jossed. Elena Satine, her actress, confirmed in an Instagram post that she will not reprise her role as Dreamer, thus confirming that yes, she is dead for good.

Andreas and Andrea von Strucker engaged in twincest.
Hence how both of their mutations got passed down into Andy and Lauren.
  • In the comics, Scarlet Witch had two boys created by magic. They later died but were reincarnated into Wiccan and Speed of the Young Avengers. So just because Andy and Lauren have both Andreas and Andrea's powers doesn't mean that Andrea and Andreas were together in that way since Wiccan has Scarlet Witch's powers and Speed has Quicksilver's.

Lauren and Andy's codenames...
Because it's a superhero show and they must pick some eventually, right? Let's assume they might pull existing names from X-Men canon.
  • Lauren:
  • Andy:
    • Hellion
    • Rockslide
    • Icarus
    • Bedlam
      • Unlikely, Terry Crews will appear as Bedlam in the second Deadpool movie. And also because Andy doesn't resemble Bedlam in the slightest.
      • Don't really see how the second point matters when the version of Yukio in that same movie bears little resemblance to Yukio from the comics, or from The Wolverine for that matter...

Selene Gallio will appear at some point.
Thanks to the Frost Sisters, we now know that the Hellfire Club is a thing in this show's universe. Their boss mentioned the Inner Circle, the heart of the Hellfire Club. As Polaris and Andy have joined the newly-reformed club, at least one member of the Inner Circle will appear sometime later. As Selene is the most prominent member of the Inner Circle, she would be the most likely to appear, possibly as leader of the Inner Circle.

Fade, Sage and Mark will die in the season 2 premiere.
The three are nowhere to be seen in the season 2 promos, and there is one particular scene where Reeva Payge is shown executing Inner Circle members who disagree with her ideologies. The three could unfortunately be victims of such.
  • Jossed, they appeared in "unMoored".
    • Although Sage and Fade did died later in the season.

If the above doesn't happen, Sage could become The Mole within the Inner Circle, informing the Mutant Underground about their plans.
That was what she did in the comics.

Esme will pull a Heel–Face Turn.
  • Esme and Sophie may swap their comics roles, with Esme being the most powerful and most heroic of the sisters and Sophie becoming the most ruthless.
    • That seems to be the direction the show's going in.
      • Triplet confirmed as of the season 2 finale.

Season 3 will tie in with Dark Phoenix
  • When Blink comes back during the Season 2 finale she appears to be coming from a pretty horrific setting. Blink may have learned to time travel during her extended absence.


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