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Nightmare Fuel / The Gifted

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Season 1

  • The idea that an organization can come to your house and simply take your children.
    • Not just that, Sentinel Services has freaky attack drones that coil around and clasp onto their targets. Outside of the bots they send to attack mutants and their allies, they also robotic drones that can search for those running from them, forcing them to always be on high alert, giving definite Big Brother Is Watching vibes.
  • Lorna getting kicked in the stomach by the other prisoners is this knowing that she is pregnant. Even worse is that her attacker specifically did it because she heard she was pregnant. Not only does it demonstrate the cruelty of the prison population, it means someone let that information leak, perhaps for that very purpose!
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  • Blink suffers Power Incontinence after pushing past her limits, resulting in dozens of portals constantly opening and closing all over the place, any of which could cause a horrible Portal Cut at any moment.
  • Episode 4 shows that Dreamer's powers are not a nice thing, as Blink is unable to close her eyes without thinking of the false memory of her and John. Also serves as Paranoia Fuel.
    • The next episode takes this to an extreme: Dreamer causes Turner to forget his daughter's death, forcing him to live through that trauma a second time.
  • In "eXploited", Esme shows how dangerous she can be, when she manipulates Turner's men into killing each other to enable the mutant prisoners to escape, then tops that when she joins with her sisters to make the rest do it en masse.
  • In "3 X 1", the Purifiers torch Blink's car for "going to the movies with innocent humans." It's horrifically similar to a Klansmen burning.
  • In "X-roads", there is the dark-skinned Hound with the sonic scream ability. During one scene, we get a close up on his face, with his jaw becoming extremely elongated, to the point that it just

Season 2
  • Lorna is finally about to give birth to her child but the pregnancy is difficult considering this is the first child coming from two already powerful Mutants with Lorna’s powers blacking out basically all of the city.
  • The fact that things have gotten worse for Mutants since Lorna killed Dr.Campbell and Senator Montez.
    • Just to drive this home we are shown Sentinel Services raiding a mutant safe house where two mutant sisters' parents are murdered in cold blood right in front of them.
  • Reeva. A Knight Templar who along with the Frost sisters murders all members of the Hellfire Club's Inner Circle when they are about to remove her for what she had the Frost Sisters do to recruit Lorna and Andy.
  • To cover their tracks Reeva has the Frost Sisters kill all those associated with them obtaining the building where Lorna had her baby. Even despite the fact that they mindwiped security and bribed. Esme herself is disturbed by this level of ruthlessness.
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  • The fact that Reeva very clearly was going to kill Andy had he not happened to come clean at the right time before she could use her powers on him. Repeat she was going to kill a 15 year old child over minor trust issues (which from Andy’s perspective is understanble considering Lorna herself is aware that Reeva is the type of individual who would have Lorna sacrifice her child if she had too).
  • "coMplications" really drives home how stressful the years Lauren spent hiding her powers must have been for her. As much as she loved her father, she was terrified of telling him she was a mutant because he prosecuted people like her for a living.
  • The fact that Marcos was willing to kill Lorna, and Andy, the former being the mother of his child no less is very disturbing.
  • Caitlin forcing Wire's brother into withdrawal and then nearly drugging him up to the point that he nearly O.Ds.
    • Reed is the first to point out to her that if they are willing to resort to the same tactics as who they’re fighting then they are no better to bring Andy back to them.
  • Jace and the Purifiers raiding a mutant friendly clinic to find the mental patients being hidden by the Undeground. One of the more aggressive members nearly kills a doctor who refuses to give up their location.
  • The reveal that Rebecca killed her own family by twisting their bodies inside out. We see her doing it to the head of a nurse who thought she was sedated, and while we don’t see everything, Caitlin and Lauren’s facial expressions say it all.
  • Rebecca turning an entire room of people inside out behind glass doors, with their blood splattering all over the walls. And her only reaction is to smile towards the Inner Circle members.
    • It says a lot that even Reeva of all people is shocked by this cold ruthlessness
    • In the following episode we actually get to see the results of her powers on a human body. Like straight out of a Body Horror movie, seen in the image above.
  • While escaping the Purifier compound with John, Andy basically tortures a Purfier who attempted to shoot Lauren in the back, breaking both his legs in incredibly graphic detail.
    • The looks on Lauren, Caitlin,and Reeds faces as they see Andy being proud of what he did.
  • Turner shooting John with a shotgun point blank in the chest twice. John is only saved by Turner having run out of ammo.
  • Lauren threatening the landlord for ratting out her family since it’s so… unlike her. Whatever that musical box from her grandparents is doing to her it’s making her better at using her powers but at what cost to her personality ?

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