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Recap / The Gifted

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    Season 1
"The X-Men, the Brotherhood, we don't even know if they exist anymore. We are alone. And we're getting picked off one by one."
Marcos Diaz / Eclipse

The Strucker family have their normal lives changed when the children, Lauren and Andy, have their powers revealed to the public. Facing prosecution from a sinister organization, Sentinel Services, they choose to become fugitives and end up joining up with a refugee group, the Mutant Underground. Now, they must grapple, as a fully-fledged family, with those who fear them, while also dealing with problems that lie within their newfound home.

  1. "eXposed"
  2. "rX"
  3. "eXodus"
  4. "eXit strategy"
  5. "boXed in"
  6. "got your siX"
  7. "eXtreme measures"
  8. "threat of eXtinction"
  9. "outfoX"
  10. "eXploited"
  11. "3 X 1"
  12. "eXtraction"
  13. "X-roads"

    Season 2 (Dawn of the Mutant Age
"We have many enemies. Some mutants still believe the failed dream of the X-Men. That we should live side-by-side with those who despise us. Others hide in the shadows. Which. Leaves. Us. To fight for our freedom!"
Reeva Paige

After the explosive events of last season, the lingering threat of mutant haters is still out there. However, the reintroduction of the Hellfire Club has created a schism in the Mutant Underground, with certain members becoming seduced by the former group's motives. Now, history has repeated itself, as the two groups not only contend with the authorities, but also against the opposing side.

  1. "eMergence"
  2. "unMoored"
  3. "coMplications"
  4. "outMatched"
  5. "afterMath"
  6. "iMprint"
  7. "no Mercy"
  8. "the dreaM"
  9. "gaMe changer"
  10. "eneMy of My eneMy"
  11. "meMento"
  12. "hoMe"
  13. "teMpted"
  14. "calaMity"
  15. "Monsters"
  16. "oMens"


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