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Return of the Aquabats!

  • From "Idiot Box!"
    Children, I want to warn ya
    'Cause I've been to California
    Where Mickey Mouse is a demon!
  • The complete subversion of a Badass Boast that is "Aquabat March!"
    Please don't kill us, we're just the Aquabats,
    We're just trying to have a little fun!
    So if you want to fight, we can duke it out
    Please just don't kill me with your gun!

Fury of the Aquabats!

  • From "Captain Hampton and the Midget Pirates!"
    Now seven weeks into the trip, and Jim was sick
    To the death of being sick
    Some kind of action he wanted as he searched the seas
    For every day was the same old... stuff
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  • The goofy voices done by the Aquabats while listing random things in the pre-chorus segments of "Lobster Bucket!"
    Cherry pits and paper clips and people talking smack!
    Giant squid, it comes right up, pulls your train right off the track!
    Mammoth broom will swoop right down and sweep you in a hole!

Myths, Legends, and Other Amazing Adventures!

  • The send-up of Korns beat-boxing during "I Fell Asleep On My Arm!".
    • The anti-climactic ending, where the narrator finds that all that mosh-dancing he's implied to have done during the song helped restore the circulation to his arm. Then he goes jogging in the park with his buddies.
  • "Radiation Song!" features Humongous from Mad Max 2 introducing "Benjy the Tap-Dancing Mutant Boy".



  • The amazingly gullible protagonist from "Hot Summer Nights (Won't Last Forever)!". Who falls hook, line and sinker for Liz's various excuses to avoid him. Including moving to Alaska and being an identical cousin.
    I didn't know they even had identical cousins, and it made me miss you even more...

Hi-Five Soup!

  • "Radio Down!" features a hilariously nonsensical rap by guest singer Biz Markie.
    Pump the bass, pump it to highs
    I want some ketchup on my hamburger and fries
    You know me as B-I-Z M-A-R-K-I with an E
    And this is how I slow it down in the place to be
  • The Spelling Song segment from "Hey Homies!"
    H is for Homies, hugging home-girls who is hot
    U is for You, my bro, can I get a hug or not?
  • "Pink Pants!" features guest vocals by Matt Chapman as Strong Bad. Then in the outro Homestar comes in.
    Homestar: Hey Aquamans, check out all my pink pants!
    Strong Bad: Now-accepting-Paypal!
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  • The Commander's random Scat Singing at the tail end of "Just Can't Lose!".

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