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     Chapter 1 
Sourcefed is cancelled.
  • The opening with James.
    Steve: Even though Sourcefed was ending, it was nice to know that everything was staying the same.
    James:[Shouting from another room while stuck on a ladder] Steven! Thank God! Steven, I've been - I've been trapped here all weekend. Please, help me get down.
    Steve: [Begins to close the door]
    James: No, No, NO!
    • James again.
    Steve: For some of our untalented employees, it was interesting to see what they had planned for the future.
    James: [Smiling at the camera] I dunno what I'm gonna do now.
    • The interactions with the other employees of Sourcefed when Steve interviews them on their "ability to find a new job".
    • Steve Zaragoza's shouting at Steve after he tells him he's fired.
    Zaragoza : [While brandishing a sword] You take my firing back, Steven Suptic! You're just a chicken boy with camera. I'm a boy with a PRACTICE SWORD!

Why I think Sourcefed ended.

  • The introduction of Cib.
    • Steve's attempt at vaping.
    Cib: So, you put down the button, inhale, like your squidging out a wigmonster, and then just breath out-
    Steve: [Violent coughing] Nyaarghh!
    Cib: Oh, fuck! He's niccin' out! He's niccin' OUT!
    • "As it turns out, I'm deathly allergic to nicotine."
    • Steve speaking about Malibu Pier.
    Steve: You know there are a couple places in the world that make me feel better than any other place, and this one in particular- is just okay. It's Malibu Pier, the food isn't great, the people aren't that great, the drinks aren't that great...

This is what I do when I'm hungover...

  • In the beginning of the episode, the opening notes of Carl Douglass' classic "Kung Fu Fighting" play over a monologue of Steven lamenting his state of being hungover. Once the title card hits, it launches into a mashup of the aforementioned song and "Sugar, We're Going Down".
  • Later, when recounting his financial woes, Steve spots a Ferarri f430 with text above it that says "this car is just okay".

Fired from Rooster Teeth.

     Chapter 2 
There's something wrong with Autumn.
  • Steve's deadpan "You're fired" to Autumn after she vomits on him, followed with his inner monologue.
    No electronics were in her range. So, it's not like that decision was about saving equipment. She could've doubled up and puked on the table again. Or on the floor, or on her own lap-
    • There's also the awkward scene with Cib driving Autumn home, with him trying to hold a conversation with her. Upon her (deep voiced) inquiry if Cib was a "good listener", Cib, clearly freaked out, just parks in front of her house and shoves her out the passenger door.

The dangers of friendship.

  • After briefly explaining to the audiance how he's decided to cut out money, a major factor in causing him stress from his life and lamenting on his friends greediness, Steve states on how he thinks "that it might just be my mission to save them". Cue a transition to Steve walking into the office wearing what appears to be a safari's guide uniform, in sandals. He describes himself as "earth-tone", and assures the audiance that he is "happy". For context, this takes place after "Bankrupt", where Steve learns that he was robbed of his merchandise and is on the verge of being in debt.
    James: Yeah. Steve, I think you're going through, like a... literal nervous breakdown, or something.

     Chapter 3 
Two best friends go fishing. Again.

Meet the new Sugar Pine 7.

  • Steve talking to the father and son owners of a repair shop.
    Repairman: I been doin' this fifteen years, okay? I plan on doing it another fifteen, 'till the day I die. Which is June 4th, 2033. I've seen it.
    And much later...
    Steve: How long have you guys been in business?
    Repairman: 25 years.
    Steve: 25 years? I thought you said-
    Repairman: My father, then me, then him. Then Rupert one day...
    Steve: [To Rupert] Ooh, you're gonna own the business soon.
    Repairman: Of course!
    Rupert: The fuck you think this is?!
    Steve: So you're born into into it.
    Repairman: It's called a family business, dipshit!
    • Their constant mocking of Steve.
    Steve: What's the chance I can buy that bike? I don't need to get the other one fixed, it doesn't matter to me, can I just buy that bike-
    Repairman: [Laughs] Look, the ugly man wants to buy a bike!
    Rupert: Don't take to kindly to this pa, let's ice this fool where he stands!
    • Steve chatting with Rupert.
    Steve: Did you just say, "ice this this fool"?
    Rupert: [Nods yes]
    Steve: Do you know that means?
    Rupert: [Nods no]
    Steve: Have you heard of central L.A?
    Rupert: [Nods yes]
    Steve: And you don't know what that means? You don't know what "ice this fool" means?...okay. Okay.
    • "Fuck Bruce Greene!"
    • Peter. Steve's old friend from college whom he used to study with before they just "stopped talking", and for good reason.
    Peter: Just be yourself, because everyone else is already taken. [...] I don't know where I picked that up but I'm glad I did.
    • He also has a plague jar, which currently contains a sample of the Bubonic Plague. Pulling it out is part of the reason he's kicked out at the end.

The Lego Convention.

  • "And as I looked down on to the floor, a little voice called out from within me. A voice that said, "Steve, you're not better than these people." I laughed, thinking about how wrong, that voice really was."
  • The gang run into Ian Hecox, of SMOSH, of all people.
    Cib: I don't know why- Why's he- Well, it's Ian.
    • Shortly afterwards, Ian and Cib have a conversation. It goes about as well as one would expect.
    Steven: Neither wanted to be in this conversation. Yet both were too polite to end it.
  • Steve venting to the girls.
    Steve: Dude, Legos are supposed to be fun. But all I'm doing is getting coughed on by kid after kid. Like every kid just keeps coming up to me and coughing on me. And I get social anxiety and I try to walk through all these people, all these crowds... I just get coughed on and coughed on and these kids don't have... they just... they have new diseases!

I ripped off Geoff Ramsey, and YOU CAN TOO!

  • The whole bit with Geoff's booger.

The secret to getting on trending...

  • Steven wishes that he could've been at Gus' birthday, but only to quiz him on his success to getting on trending. Good thing he has Alfredo to ask for him.
    Alfredo: What's the secret to getting on trending, retard?
    Steven's Narration: And, demonetized.
    • Steve's description of Gus.
    This is Gus. He's 14 years old and has the receding hairline of a 87 year old water dog.
    • Steve recounts the tale of when he was a kid at the arcade.
    I had a crush in 5th grade named Clinelia. And I won her won of those tiny basketball hoops you put on the back of the door. She hated me. And she hated the gift.
    • Cib mocking the arcade employee after the gang are kicked out.
    • Cib throughout the the episode.
    Gus: You okay?
    Cib: You remind me of a really..fucked up dad.

Balls deep with my dad's girlfriend

  • "I've a little book that I've been writing. It's called "Cib's Night Terrors". I'm not planning on releasing it, I just write them down because they cheer me up. I figured I would put this night terror right between "Erection on the Oriental Express" and "Kid Cudi makes me try heroin again."
    • James Buckley's response to James' disbelief in the Easter bunny.
    James Buckley: You listen to me. The Easter bunny's realer than you know..alright? I don't want to be pressed on this. They're not fluffy all the way round, alright?
    Cib: Bitch!
    • The cutaway to Steve playing baseball with Dad and his Dad's girlfriend, Toi, after Buckley recounts a traumatic childhood involving the Easter bunny and James reassuring him that he won't be seeing any Easter Bunnies at the park.
    Steve's Narration: Well, they would actually see someone dressed as an Easter Bunny. Because I remember Cib telling me on that specific date, at that park, in the gymnasium there was a special Easter bunny egg hunt. But there's no way whatever happend to Buckley, was as creepy as what was happening to me.
    • After spotting a man costumed as the Easter bunny casually sitting on a bench, Buckley decides to confront his childhood trauma, but worries that it might undo "hundres of dollars of therapy".
    Steve's Narration: With how much money I've lost selling my company for bitcoin, I realized I have barely anything left to afford lawyers. Which is when the worry set it in. What the fuck were they going to do to the guy in that costume?
    • The actual confrontion between Buckly and the man dressed up as the Easter bunny.
    Easter bunny: Hey, how's it going?
    James Buckley: I think you've got a nerve showing up here.
    Easter bunny: What's that supposed to mean?
    James Buckley: You what it means. You probably don't even me remember me, do you? Well, look at me now.
    Easter bunny: [Holding up his hands defensively]
    James Buckley: I've been waiting for this. The last 25 years of my life. I've been going to the gym-
    Easter bunny: [Offscreen] That's from 25 years of the gym?