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Tear Jerker / Sugar Pine 7

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     Chapter 1 
Sourcefed is cancelled.
  • Steven's monologue at the end of the "Sourcefed is cancelled" video.
    This obviously seems very abrasive. Filming people while they're eating, it was, but everybody was a good sport about it. After this week I dunno if I'll be able to see these guys again. I'm sure most of us are going our separate ways. But at the end of the day, you can't count on a company, or person. You just have yourself. But when you're feeling lonely out there, and you miss your old co-worker Steve, it'll be easy to look back on these videos and remember working for a channel called Sourcefed. And maybe a couple a couple years later, you'll shoot me a text, we'll get a beer and talk about old times. Or maybe our chapter's done. Whatever the case, it was a pleasure working with all of you. I'm an only child, and I don't know if this is what having brothers and sisters is like, but it'll do.
  • Steven and James learn from Alfredo that Sammi Jo went over to Parker's house, and Steven informs Cib. Later on in the night, Cib gets drunk and confronts Sammi Jo about her supposedly cheating on him, while Steven and James learn that Alfredo had more footage and find out that nothing happened. By the time they find this out, Cib is already on his way to confront Parker... which ends with Cib beating Parker up and killing him with a table corner. The last shot of the episode (and the season) is of Steven and James arriving too late and seeing Cib on the floor in shock next to Parker's corpse.
     Chapter 2 
Death of a water warrior.
  • Set to Sufjan Stevens, no less.
    It's different now I think
    I wasn't older yet
    I wasn't wise, I guess...
Show of the Year.
  • The episode ends on the poignant note of Steven (after "Sugar Pine 7" won show of the year) sitting across the street from and looking out at the now abandoned SourceFed building.
Roller Skate 78.
  • While maybe not a tearjerker in itself, but seeing a revived and disheveled Parker walking around with expressions of confusion and lost on his face, is at least a little disconcerting.
The whitest lie.Eye for an eye.
  • The ending. Andrew, unable to process that Parker is back from the dead, grabs a gun and shoots him in the skull, causing Jeremy (who was parked outside and heard the gunshot) to run inside, shocked. Now, because of whatever is allowing Parker to be alive again, the gunshot didn't kill him. However, his reaction to Andrew shooting him is to blankly stare out into space, holding his hand under the blood flow.
    • Because of shenanigans at the pentagram, whatever had possessed Autumn was transferred to James, and then Steven basically forced Cib into getting it transferred to him. As Steven remarks in his narration, he should have stepped into the pentagram himself instead of Cib. "But I am who I am." How does this tie into the above? While back at the office, Steven and James were discussing what to do about Cib... when Cib stands up in the background and motions towards Steven, with a clear intent to kill. The only thing that stops him is that because of some weird connection to Parker, Cib fell over dead when Parker got shot.
Secret Santa. Part II.
  • Really, the overarching theme of Steve's loneliness has such a sense of relatabilty that it can hit close to home for many.
    And I'll have a blue christmas...
New job.
  • Cib flat out states he is sick of being stupid, Autumn cuts right to the heart of the matter with Steven's problemsnote , and if the opening to the episode is any indicationnote , James is about to leave.
The good, the bad and the idiot.
     Chapter 3 
First Parker leaves, now James?
  • "I guess I just don't understand how anyone could want anything other than this. So I've come to the conclusion there must just be something wrong with me."