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  • Mace remarks that if Palpatine could touch the Force, he would have made a fine Jedi. Oh, Mace.
  • A couple of Dirty Cops think that just because they have guns, and that Mace Windu is unarmed and naked, that they have the advantage. It ends how you would expect.
    Mace flipped up a thumb. "You think being armed and ruthless means you can do whatever you want." He folded his thumb and flipped up his forefinger. "You think nobody will stand up to you when they're naked." He folded that one again and flipped up the next. "And you think you're going to look inside my bag."
    • When they ask if he's a comedian, Mace replies that no, he's a prophet. When the cop sarcastically asks what he can see, Mace calmly replies, "You. Bleeding." After the Curb-Stomp Battle, Mace says, "Told you."
  • How does he win a bargaining war with Geptun? Does he use his decades of experience? Does he try a mind trick? No. He just raises his price. When Geptun protests, he raises it again.
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  • In a very Black Comedy way, Mace orders Nick to help him with the Balawai prisoners. When Nick asks what Mace will do if he doesn't obey, the very simple answer is, "I will beat you into unconsciousness. And ask somebody else."
  • Mace tells Nick not to worry about Vastor trying to kill him. He's too subordinate to matter.
    Nick: Oh, thanks. Thanks a know what? I think I actually mean that.
    Mace: You're welcome.
  • In a Black Comedy kind of way, it was mentioned that Mace had a hostage he could use against Depa. Turns out the hostage is... himself.
  • Depa asks her former Master if he's finally gone insane. He tells her that it's the opposite — there's nothing more dangerous than a Jedi who's finally gone sane.
  • When Nick gives Mace his Eureka Moment, Mace exclaims that droids are stupid.
    Nick: That's good. I'd hate to be killed by a genius.
  • Mace and Nick hijack a gunship. How? Mace gets the ankoxx to throw him onto it, then telekinetically activates the pilots' ejection seats. "One howled something obscene. The other just howled."
    Nick: Fire control? For me? Oh, General, you shouldn't have!
    Mace: (deadpan) I realize that.
    • He then brings it down to ground level, and snarks, "What are you waiting for? Flowers and a box of candy?"
  • As their gunship comes under fire:
    Nick: Don't tell me.
    Mace: (deadpan) All right. (They jump out)
    Nick: (shrieks)
    Mace: (mouths) You told me not to tell you.
    Nick spent the rest of the fall complaining about "having to end his young life as 'some fraggin' nikkle nut-brained Jedi Master's straight man."note 
  • "Of course. I keep forgetting that he's smarter than me."
  • Geptun protests that his surrender has no legal standing, as it's only being done under duress. Mace snarks that surrender is always made under duress. That's why it's called "surrender."
  • Later, this conversation between them:
    Geptun: Really-I mean, please-I don't know what kind of man you think I am...
    Mace: I think that you are a very brilliant man. I think that you have more courage than you have ever guessed. I think that you truly care about this city, and the people in it. I think that your cynicism is a fraud.
    Geptun: What-what-really, this is astonishing...
    Mace: I think, that if you were truly as corrupt and venal as you pretend, you would be in the Senate.
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  • This line, which perfectly sums up both Tenk and Mace: "She hadn't stopped talking. He hadn't started listening."

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