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Basically, All of it, largely due to copious amounts of Mace Windu. To give you some perspective, imagine Jules Winnifield got really Zen, shaved his head and his face, and then someone handed him a lightsaber. Roughly four hundred pages of rich, Corinthian Win ensue. Highlights include:

  • The spy in the opening sequence is made retroactively awesome when Mace realizes what he must've done. He mentally compares the little man's strength to his own. It occurs to him that he might not have been able to do it.
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  • Mace curb-stomping the Dirty Cops—while naked—is this crossed with Funny Moment. He didn't even need to use his lightsaber.
  • Geptun, who's not yet gotten Mace's measure, tries to barter with him. Mace just shoots him down flat by raising his prices. Geptun asks if he knows how bargaining works. Mace responds by raising his price again.
  • Breaking the hand of a guy who tries to punch him simply by bowing his head. No Force involved.
  • Mace taking out a gang of men trying to ambush him. There are six of them, armed to the teeth, his lightsaber doesn't work, and he's trapped in a dead end. Nick and his gang come to his rescue, but they imply that Mace probably would've won on his own.
  • Mace Windu, two lightsabers, and an akk vs three gunships. It's a Curb-Stomp Battle-for the poor sods in the gunships.
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  • A few children are trapped in a 'crawler which (unknown to them) is climbing an active volcano, which is about to erupt, and the crawler will be buried under a wave of dirt. What does Mace do? He surfs down that wave, climbs to the top of the crawler, encourages one of the girls to lead the others back up, maintains a stable grip on the side of the mountain, and figures out a way to get a young man who doesn't trust him to come out. All at the same time.
  • Mace Windu is arguably the greatest swordsmaster in the galaxy, and certainly one of the most dangerous hand-to-hand combatants. Kar Vastor beats the snot out of him. Not, however, without serious effort. He hasn't slept in a day and a half, is older, much shorter, physically and (possibly in the Force) weaker than his opponent. But he still puts up one heck of a fight.
    Mace: Kar Vastor is not the most dangerous man in the Highlands.
    Nick: You only say that because you don't really know him.
  • Depa Billaba is both stated and shown to be as good a swordswoman as Mace, if not better. That in itself is pretty darn awesome.
  • Mace ends a generations-long genocidal war in a matter of weeks. Heck, once he really gets started, he ends it in a matter of days.
  • The Battle of Lorshan Pass, and the clones' capture of the spaceport.
    • The beginning of that battle especially. First, while armed with two lightsabers, Mace captures a gunship hundreds of feet in the air by basically executing a Fastball Special. After Depa Bilaba captures another gunship, he attacks the remaining hundred or so enemy ships before tricking the droid fighters into attacking their allies, leaving the clones alone.
  • Chalk takes a mortal wound, and doesn't say a word because she's too busy fighting for the people she loves.
  • One for Geptun, when Mace realizes just how well he's been played. And again later: "I keep forgetting that he's smarter than I am." And then: "Move over, young man, I'll drive."
  • Nick taking on and killing three Akk guards, with assistance from some dying clone troopers and then interrupts Depa's suicide by lightsaber before she can press the trigger while his guts are ripped out definitely counts.
    • The fact that he survives is another MoA.
  • Exhausted, facing an enemy younger, stronger, and with weapons that can't be defeated by a Jedi lightsaber, he incapacitates Vastor with a telekinetically thrown shield, having previously (with the help of the clones and Nick) killed all Vastor's Elite Mooks. Depa is down and catatonic. Nick Rostu is down and badly wounded. Mace remarks, "Looks like I'm the last one standing."

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