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Ep. 3 - Fear Response

  • This episode subverts the There Are No Therapists trope by revealing that Malcolm does have that we mean the same one he received as a child and whom he still sees despite her insistence Malcolm should see someone more appropriate to his age group.

Ep. 10 - Silent Night

  • The case of the week appears to be a murder suicide. Bright does his usual thing which includes handling the murder weapon (a really big revolver) when he cocks the gun while it's pointed at his head. The whole teams freaks out leading to this exchange:
    Bright: Will relax its not even-oh (looks embarrassed as a crime scene tech runs up takes the gun away)

Ep. 13 - Wait & Hope

  • Gil is heartbroken that his Ford Mustang has to be towed away that he had to reprimand JT since he said that it's just a car.
  • After getting blown out of a third-story window by a landmine and landing on a car roof, Malcolm has only this to say:
    Malcolm: I'm gonna miss my flight.

Ep. 17 - Stranger Beside You

  • The episode has a lot of funny moments.
    • All of the Malcolm/Edrisa moments are too fun.
    • Martin's entire phone conversation. He thinks that Malcolm and Dani got together and got a kid after hearing a baby cry on the phone.
    • Martin and Malcolm's lunch arrangement. Being seated across each other via table as if they were in elementary school.
    • JT worried about his future child being like Malcolm. He advises the detective to not let it be a serial killer.


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