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  • When Bower thaws out Commander Payton, he quickly briefs him on what he knows, and tries to jog his memory to get the Commander's help in figuring out what's wrong with the ship. After a few moments of thought, Payton asks with no small degree of irritation for Bower to stop shining his flashlight in his face.
  • After Payton is briefly unresponsive to Bower during his crawling through the air ducts, the latter begins to freak out from the mercilessly claustrophobic environment. When telling him to calm down and try to think of something else isn't working, Payton tells Bower that the door to the bridge has opened.
    Bower: [*Beat*] You fucking kidding me?
    Payton: Yeah, I'm kidding you. [Bower chuckles nervously] You see? Now that's not so bad. We're gonna get you through this. We're gonna figure this out together.
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  • Bower does find himself falling from great heights with a disconcerting consistency. It wouldn't be funny if he was ever seriously hurt, but it ends up resembling a Running Gag, with one such fall being due to a weakened floor panel giving way suddenly as if it were a Trap Door.
  • Bower stumbles into a fight between Nadia and Manh, and is more than a little frustrated with them, making the argument that in their situation, "a little fucking solidarity" would go a long way. Ben Foster's weary, aggravated delivery is really what sells the line.
  • The final scene with all of the crypods popping out of the water can come off as unintentionally funny, partly due to the pods breaching like dolphins, and partially due to their bearing a passing resemblance to a British Police Box.

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