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Nightmare Fuel / Pandorum

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  • The Eden crew waking up in their hypersleep capsules after being ejected into space by a mad crewman.
  • The general atmosphere of the movie is pretty nightmarish: you wake up to find yourself alone in a gigantic metallic structure with tight corridors plunged in darkness, which you can't get out of since it is in space (hello claustrophobia!). There are thousands of cannibalistic albinos humanoids who will hunt you down to kill and eat you or use you as living traps, and the rare normal human beings you will meet will either leave you behind, rob you or kill and eat you.
  • The Russian passenger who wakes up to find himself being eaten alive by mutant creatures.
    • Becomes Fridge Horror when you realize that the vast majority of the 58,787 sleepers who didn't make it to Tanis alive probably died in exactly the same way.
      • Definitely a LOT less, as Gallo woken parts of the crew to be a king of, and quite a lot of people had to be awaken to make such a mass of descendants
  • Bower covered in bloody human skin, crawling across sleeping mutants to the reactor.
  • A crew member decides to show mercy to a Hunter child only to have their throat sliced open faster than the eye can see for their efforts.
  • The gigantic hoard of sleeping hunters found in the reactor room. If this movie was inspired by Dante's Inferno, that scene pass for the cloistered souls of Hell.

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