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  • Scrooge remarks that Jacob Marley's will left Scrooge enough money to buy Jacob a tombstone. Then Scrooge chuckles, "And I had him buried at sea!"
  • After Scrooge kicked Fred out of his workplace.
    Fred: (quickly hangs the wreath on the door and leaves) Merry Christmas!
    Scrooge: And a bah humbug to you!
  • Scrooge's masterful use of the Chewbacca Defense mixed with Insane Troll Logic to get the charity workers out of his face.
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  • Scrooge forgets that he gave Bob Cratchit a half-penny raise three years ago... since he started doing his laundry as well as his bookkeeping.
  • Bob Cratchit getting ready to leave after Scrooge lets him leave two minutes early:
    Bob: Oh thank you sir! You're so kind!
    Scrooge: Never mind the mushy stuff, just go!
  • As he puts his hat on to leave two minutes early, Bob Cratchit's slip of the tongue when he almost says "and a bah humbug" to his boss instead of "and a Merry Christmas".
  • Jacob Marley's entire scene, on account of him being played by Goofy.
    • When Jacob Marley finally appears before Scrooge:
      Marley: Ebenezer, remember when I was alive how I'd rob from the widows and swindle the poor?
      Scrooge: Yes, and all in the same day. Oh you had class, Jacob.
      Marley: [proudly] Hyuk! Yup!... [remembering why he's here] Uh, no, no! I was wrong! So as punishment, I'm forced to carry these heavy chains throughout eternity!...maybe even longer.
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    • Scrooge is briefly wrapped in Marley's chains and shakes a piggy bank to see how much is in it.
      • Also, when Marley wails that he's doomed, he accidentally chokes Scrooge.
    • His exit is the best part.
      Marley: Farewell, Ebenezer... [carefully steps over Scrooge's cane to avoid tripping over it again] Farewell....
      Scrooge: Marley! Watch out for that first-
      Marley: Whooaaa! YAAAAAA-HA-HA-HA-HOOOOEEEEEEEY! [Off-screen crashes can be heard from behind the door.]
      Scrooge: ...step. [thud!]
  • The Ghost of Christmas Present, as played by... Willie the Giant.
    • After over 35 years, Willie the Giant finally gets to say the line most associated with the character he's based upon, even if he's changing the last part just slightly.
      Ghost of Christmas Present: Fee fi fo fum, I smell... I mean, I smell... [spies Scrooge] a stingy little Englishman!
      • During that part, Scrooge closes his drapes when the Ghost comes at him. When he opens it a little bit, he's startled by the Ghost's eye.
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    • The Ghost of Christmas Present using a lamppost as a flashlight. And peeping around houses. He lifts up one room and peeks in. A woman is heard screaming. The Ghost quickly slams the roof back down and gives an embarrassed glance towards the camera before moving on.
  • Scrooge is so excited about going out to wish Merry Christmas to the city that he almost leaves only wearing his hat, pajamas, slippers, scarf, and robe. He goes out the door, we hear him go down the stairs, then we hear him come back up the stairs. He reenters his room and says "I can't go out like this!" He grabs his cane and is very self-satisfied that now he's properly attired.
  • Meta-Example involving the story about Clarence Nash reprising his role as Donald Duck; Since the studio didn't have enough money to hire a legit cast at the time, they instead decided to hire people from within the studio to voice the characters. They found one for everybody except Donald, and since nobody else could do a good Donald, they called up 78-Years-Old Clarence to come out of retirement for a bit to reprise the role, to which he agreed. The directors were nervous to tell him he was too old to do the role, and everybody else crammed the recording studio to see the old master at work. He hobbles to the mic, starts to speak only to go into coughing, scaring everyone...until he says in his Donald Duck voice "Son of a goddamn bitch". The animators lost it.


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