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Trivia / Mickey's Christmas Carol

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  • All-Star Cast: Just about every major character from the Classic Disney Shorts appears in this, with the odd exception of Pluto.
  • Descended Creator: Producer/director Burny Mattinson voices one of the weasel gravediggers.
  • The Other Darrin: For both the LP and the short; Alan Young is the second actor to voice Scrooge. He was first voiced by Bill Thompson (best known as the voice of Droopy) in Scrooge McDuck and Moneynote .
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  • Playing Against Type: Of all the characters you might expect to play cold-hearted swindler and calculating businessman Jacob Marley, we get... Goofy? Turns out He Really Can Act!
  • Release Date Change: This was intended as a television special and was to debut on CBS in 1982, but an animators' strike meant it couldn't be finished in time. A Clip Show special, A Disney Christmas Gift, had to be thrown together to take its place; that show has been covered at The Island of Misfit Christmas Specials. When it was finally released the next year, it was not initially on television, but theatrically, alongside a reissue of The Rescuers (earning an Oscar nomination at the process). It was finally shown on television in 1984, on NBC and The Disney Channel, and released on home video shortly afterwards.
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  • Playing Gertrude: Alan Young is younger than Clarence Nash even though Scrooge is older than Donald.
  • Talking to Himself: Alan Young not only voices Scrooge, but also the beggar who asks Scrooge for change at the beginning.
  • What Could Have Been: One rejected idea was to have Scoorge pass a pet shop with an eager Pluto in the window, and later buy him for Tiny Tim at the end.
  • Written by Cast Member: Scrooge's voice actor Alan Young helped adapt the story and was one of the writers given a "Story Adapted by" credit.


Miscellaneous trivia

  • This was the final time Donald Duck was voiced by his original voice actor, Clarence Nash. Nash died two years later and was replaced by Disney animator Tony Anselmo, who voices Donald to this day. This was also the first time Wayne Allwine and Alan Young voiced Mickey and Scrooge at length, and they became the permanent voices for those characters until their deaths in 2009 and 2016, respectively.
  • Some of the tombstones in the cemetery bear the names of famous names in music, such as Bob Wills and Gladys Knight.


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