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  • For some players, holding onto a Spiny Shell can result in this. Because it only targets the racer in first place, an approaching Spiny Shell tends to turn any neck-and-neck battle for the lead into a frantic game of Hot Potato, as the lead racers will often panic and stop dead in their tracks in an attempt to stay in second place and screw each other over.
  • Baby Park from Double Dash!! might be That One Level due to items bouncing all over the place, but you can't help but laugh at just how chaotic it can get.
  • In Wii and 7, playing as a regular character or as a Mii and seeing your own Miis in Coconut Mall is pretty hilarious as well. Especially since they also drive the parking cars that you must dodge at the end.
  • Doing badly in a race can trigger some pretty funny reactions from your racer.
    • In Double Dash, if you get in second or third place while Birdo is one of your characters, she'll start to cheer only to stop when she realizes you didn't first place.
      Birdo: Wooo... What? Oh.
    • Also in Double Dash, if you get in second or third place while Baby Luigi is one of your characters, he'll say "Baby Weegee number not one."
    • In Wii, if you play as Wario and he gets lower than fifth place, he will loudly grumble, "I hate you." In 8, he'll say "Gahh, I hate losing!", and in Double Dash? "I lost! To a bunch of losers!"
    • In Wii and 7, if you rank low enough, Bowser will grumble out a coherent "Horrible..." One of the few moments in recent years (outside of Bowser's Inside Story) where he actually talks, rather than just roaring and grumbling.
    • Bowser Jr. losing: "What. What..." It's a bit of a relief that he doesn't bawl hysterically like he did in Toadstool Tour and Double Dash.
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    • Waluigi: GAH! Everybody cheated! NEXT TIME I'LL CHEAT!
    • Luigi sad... so sad...
    • Baby Daisy's Big "WHAT?!" when losing in Wii.
    • The noises Donkey Kong makes when being dragged out of the water in Wii. They were later reused for when he loses in 7.
    • Koopa Troopa goes inside his shell out of embarrassment when losing in Wii, giving us the sight of a kart (or bike) driven by a turtle shell, literally.
  • In between the bouts of seething hatred you'll be feeling at getting caught in a Humiliation Conga, you can't help but laugh at the sheer amount of abuse your player can go through without so much as an annoyed grumble. Especially if you go on to win.
  • Falling off the edge (especially if you're driving on Rainbow Road) on purpose just to hear your character scream (in Time Trial, of course).
  • Under the right circumstances, the triple red shell item makes for a hilarious Foe-Tossing Charge.
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  • Toad's Turnpike in 64. Extra Cup. Oncoming cars.
  • If you end up in 4th place overall in 64, which is actually much harder to do than it soundsnote , you'll sadly watch the ceremony from the castle and drive off... only for a bomb-shaped kart to follow you and blow you up. The victory music even shifts to a minor key halfway through. View it here.
    • On the same note, finishing 4th in Super Circuit will have you confronting the top 3 head-on before getting squished by the podium that is falling from the sky.
  • A player spamming the Lucky 7 or the Crazy 8 to use every item quickly sometimes leads to pretty funny results, like hitting each racer nearby with a different item or even making some of them fall off the track... Or the Bob-omb backfiring, exploding near you and destroying all the remaining items, maybe even hitting another racer who was trying to steal your star.
  • Due to Mario Kart 64 being the first game in the series with true 3D, an unusual quirk is that certain sounds have a Doppler Effect if you drive underneath them at the right time. This includes racers' screams. It's hilarious to hit Wario with a shell, zip under him as he flies into the air, and hear his yell sharply rise in pitch and then down again as you do so.
  • In Super Mario Kart, if you earn a gold trophy, the Cheep Cheep balloon that drops the trophy will deflate and go flying out of control.
  • The Super Horn in 8. While it's the one thing that will get rid of the spiny shell, it will also kill nearby obstacles... and send them flying.
  • Several players intentionally drive off the track at the finish line - the game still counts this as a win!
  • Thank to the use of Smart Steering and Auto-accelerate, it's possible to (but only on 50cc) literally win by doing absolutely nothing, as demonstrated by Luigi.