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During the entirety of its length, It Takes Two lends itself to some quite hilarious moments.

  • Dr. Hakim the sentient magic book is full of it. Whenever he shows up, he's sure to stir up some laughs.
    • During the "Snow Globe" chapter, Cody and May encounter Dr. Hakim in a cottage at the end of a ski section, and the latter brings up how the two need to fix their "relationshit". May, not understanding the pun he tried to make, tries to correct him.
      Cody: Wha- are we dying now?
      Dr. Hakim: Not you, but your relationshit!
      May: You mean relationship. With a P.
      Dr. Hakim: No. Relation-shit. As in shit, like caca.
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    • In the final chapter, when the dancing glowstick people leave after the music stops, Dr. Hakim drops in and starts dancing himself, talking about his "hip gyrations" as the camera prominently zooms in on his backside.
    • When Hakim announces to the two the topic of passion for the first time, May just responds with a blunt "Yeah, we're thrilled".
    • And the second time he brings up passion, the two are naturally confused about how they have to learn passion again!
  • At discovering Cody's identity, the Vacuum Tower angrily accuses him of ruining his "bowels with all that crap". Cody claims he only used the vacuum to suck up nothing but dust. In response, the Vacuum Tower spits up dirt, a bottle cap, a battery, an acorn, and a board game piece. Everything except dust.
    Cody: (lights up at seeing the board game piece) Oh look! There it is!
    Vacuum Tower: (livid) You call that DUST?!
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  • The Vacuum Tower's dialogue right before the boss fight with him.
    Vacuum Tower: What?! You've replaced me with the Turbo X2000? A pretentious french vacuum who can't even suck properly! I'll show you who's the best sucker!
  • Throughout most of the game, Cody and May constantly try to get back at each other. This is especially evident at the end of minigames, where the winning character will often try to rub it in the other character's face with the loser trying to shoot an excuse for why they lost.
  • Cody fretting that the squirrels are using his favorite boxers as a component in their aircraft.
  • During the Escape Sequence from the squirrels, their leader ends up confronting them on the plane and engages May into a Street Fighter styled battle, complete with a nectar Kamehame Hadoken being performed by the former.
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  • In the Space level, May puts a cosmic inflation belt on Cody, which makes him grow or shrink whenever she presses the button on the belt's remote. The funniest part is, whether Cody is in BIG MODE or little mode, his voice becomes deep and baritone or high and squeaky, respectively.
  • After escaping the Kaleidoscope realm, Cody voices how he feels physically ill from all the motion sickness he experienced in there. We get this gem:
    Cody: Oh I think I'm gonna throw up.
    May: You're a doll, Cody. You've got nothing to throw up.
    Cody: (vomits a small pile of clay) Told you.
    May: That's clay!
    Cody: That's weird, it doesn't smell.
  • The scene where Cody and May try to get into a club with glowstick people. The glowstick at the entrance thinks Cody and May are kids because of their size and doesn't believe them when they claim otherwise until Dr. Hakim arrives and tells him they're his clients. Then just as they're let in, Cody uses it as an opportunity to try and rub it in.
    Cody: Not so cocky anymore, are ya? Huh? Huh?!
  • Although it's supposed to be a sobering moment, there's something amusing about Rose believing her inconsequential actions (such as not brushing her teeth, reading books after bedtime, and not putting away her toys) were enough to make her parents want to divorce.
  • Although the ending portion is a sweet moment, there's the reveal of how a little girl like Rose got her hands on Dr. Hakim's self-help "Book of Love": she found at school, in a trash can. This paints a picture that somewhere out there, a teacher bought the book and then threw it out, either because they thought it was too raunchy, too hammy, or both.
  • Over the course of the game, Cody and Rose get more and more annoyed at Dr. Hakim to the point him appearing has them dreading what he's going to have them do now.

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