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Funny / Is It a Good Idea to Microwave This?

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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • Experiment #14:
    • The Twizzlers create so much smoke that Jory has a hard time turning the microwave off with the remote arm, and Jon panics when yelling at Jory to do so.
    • Jory commenting on the smell.
    Jory: It smells like burnt toast with strawberry jam. Mmm-mmm, bitch!
    • And to top that all off, the smoke alarm goes off seconds after Jory opens the door (they were filming in a college dorm at the time).
  • Experiment #120 has Jon throwing the plastic hair ball from experiment #128 at Jory in fake frustration. In a Blooper, Jon accidentally throws it at his groin.
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  • After microwaving a Littlest Pet Shop digital pet in experiment #122, Jory puts out the fire and pulls out the toy... only for it to suddenly catch fire again.
  • In Experiment #133 (the Season 5 finale), the guys microwave a can of spray paint on top of a garbage pail that belongs to Jon's dad. He comes over to check on the experiment just as the pail starts to melt.
    Jon: I hope you didn't like that trash barrel, Dad.
    Jon's Dad: That was my best one.
    (Jory and Riley laugh)
    Jon: Was it?
    Jon's Dad: Yeah! There were no holes in the bottom.
  • The guys' reaction to the smell of the microwaved Mighty Putty.
    Jory: (while laughing) Oh, that was a mix of asshole and bacon! Ohh, it's following me! (runs off and comes back) Mighty Putty is mighty f*cking disgusting.
  • Experiment #200's intro.
    Jory: TWO HUNDRED!
    Riley: TWO HUNDRED!
    Jory: TWO HUNDRED!
    Riley: TWO HUNDRED?
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  • Experiment #238: Wii
    Jon: (after seeing microwaved Wii) So that's what the inside of Mario Land looks like
  • Riley's impression of Saint Margaret II after they microwaved a medicine bottle.
    Riley: (in a demonic voice) GET THIS OUT OF ME!!!
  • The result of microwaving a dildo:
    Jory: [holds up the blackened and charred remains of the dildo] Ladies and gentlemen: gonorrhea.
  • Jory's justification for saying microwaving both a NES and an Atari is a good idea?
    Jory: Because in all likelihood, those didn't work anyways!


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