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The Transformers - B.O.T.


  • Sunny Jim: "T-That's Dan Green! Dan 'Yugi Motoh' Green! What's he doing here?!?"
  • The Orc song from the Rankin-Bass The Hobbit playing the first time the cat shows up.


Elf Bowling

Clash of the Titans

Transformers See & Read

The Rainbow Connection

Mega Pirahna

The Muppet Movie

Christmas is Here Again

    Ask Old Man Cthulhu 

Leave to Roll-Oh!

Bicycle Clown

Ways to Settle Disputes

Torchy the Battery Boy

Halloween Party

How to Keep a Job

Christmas Comes But Once a Year

  • At one point, the duo comments on a scene where a girl is riding a high chair attached to a vacuum cleaner:
    Sunny Jim: (Talking for the girl) This car sucks.
    (The audience is heard booing over the Incredibly Lame Pun)
  • Starchibald ends up setting up a double Brick Joke over the course of the riff in the form of St. Vexatious and a Medical Whimsy Intolerence attack that requires Trent to medicate him. Post-riff, we get to hear the supposedly-traditional, utterly ludicrous tale of St. Arlo Vexatious. How accurate it is, however, is questionable at best, because:
    Sunny Jim: "Uh...Uh, Trent? Did you give him the pills in the green and red case? Or the chartreuse and scarlett box?"
    Trent: "Um...both?"
    Sunny Jim: "Oh, boy."

Consuming Women

The School Safety Committee

Man of Steel Trailer

As the Wheels Turn

Let's Make a Sandwich

Pacific Rim Trailer

What's it to You? (with Linkara)

  • "Not even the mighty Zeus can stop Mylar!" "I HEARD THAT."
  • Starchibald's unconcealed lust towards the trampolinist.

Doozy Bots

  • "Put 'em together and what've you got?" "A lawsuit from the Planeteers?"

Don't Touch!

Robocop2014 Trailer

Day Without Numbers

The Haunted Mouth (with Obscurus Lupa)

Fateful Findings

Sugar Bear in Head Over Heels

Adventure in Telezonia

The Cautious Twins

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014)

What To Do in a Gas Attack (with Diamanda Hagan and The Omega)

British PSAs

Soapy the Germ Fighter

Rural Civil defense Shorts

The Quality of the Meat You Buy

Sci-Fi Triple Feature!

That Rotten Tea Bag

Ricky Raccoon Shows the Way

The Bright Young Newcomer

Round and Round

As Others See Us

The Function of Gestures

Holiday Commercial Loaf

Vision in the Forest

2014 Wholiday Special

Return to Bargain Basement

  • Starchibald's Grammar Nazi behavior segues into him cutting a promo.
    Starch: "Believe me, you couldn't believe it? Believe me, you couldn't believe it? You seriously did that, Bargain Basement? You thought this would stand? This isn't a game, Bargain Basement. You have crossed a line, a mumbly, greasy line. And IT WILL NOT STAND. Fight me, Bargain Basement. You wanna chop nuts? Let's chop nuts!"
    Jim: "Dang, dude. You said you were switching to decaf!"
    Starch: "I. Lied."
    Jim: "At least save it for the Pay-Per-View!"
    Starch: "Okay. You get a reprieve this time, Bargain Basement. But at Summer Slam 2018, you and me? We're gonna hash this out. Hash this out like professional collegues with an academic disagreement! Oooh, yeah! So be ready, Starchimaniacs, 'cause the pain, it's a-coming! Two weeks after you forget that I made this joke!"

The Invisible Dragon

St Punch and Jude

Botcon 2012

E-Mail: Threat or Menace?

How Beauty and the Beast (2012) Happened

How Hungry,Hungry Hippos Happened

Rangoon Reports: OanCitizen

Deus Ex MAGFfest

The Nickelback Conspiracy

    Under the Table 

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