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Awesome / Is It a Good Idea to Microwave This?

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  • "Propane Tank." Perhaps the most epic thing the series has ever produced, and a fitting letter to end it all on.
  • "Airbag." Just watching the sheer amount of wreckage the thing caused is glorious.
    • Also one of the single most dangerous things done on the show - Jory had just barely gotten into the safety area before the microwave dissolved. It's almost certain that if he'd moved a bit slower, he'd have died.
  • Jory proving that the viral "Microwaving a Box of Wine" video is fake, just by using his past experience on the show.
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  • The ping pong balls were surprisingly flammable. Watching them vaporize into thin air was incredible.
  • "Pipe Cleaners" has the trio mesmerized after a wad of the titular objects bursts into a shower of colorful flames and sparks, leading to them to declare it one of the best experiments they've done.


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