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  • The over the top Oh, Crap! face Chad makes in all of the map intros, as seen in this page's image. It's become such a meme within the community that one of the fear-based badges is named "Chad Face".
  • The loading screen tips usually provide helpful info on the mechanics and interesting trivia about the franchise. But...
    • One tip randomly mentions Chad's a Momma's Boy in denial. It sounds less like a tip and more like teenage gossip.
    • Another tip insists Jason's Leitmotif is "Ki Ki Ki Ma Ma Ma, not Ch Ch Ch Ah Ah Ah". Again, sounds less like a tip and more like an exasperated fanboy.
  • The achievement for escaping in a car or boat alone when there are other survivors you could have saved: Chad is a Dick.
  • The No-Sell that results from trying to run Jason over with the car is both extremely terrifying and extremely hilarious.
  • When Jason is in Rage mode, he just walks through the door like a homicidal Kool-Aid Man.
  • One way for Jason to kill someone post-Neck Lift? By more or less Falcon Punch-ing their head off note . Dashie Games's reaction sums it up best.
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  • When counselor players try to save one of their own from Jason with a shotgun. In some instances, instead of shooting Jason, they accidentally shoot the player they're trying to save.
  • Tommy's very awkward reaction to finding a dead body:
    "Is that a-a PERSON?!
    • Made even funnier if he shouts "I gotta get out of here!". Makes you wonder why he bothered to enter the camp to fight Jason in the first place.
  • The description of Part II Jason ends with this little gem...
    After the credits role, one question remains... "Where the hell is Paul?"
  • In a way, Retro Jason, due to how out of place he is with his color scheme. It's just not hard to chuckle when you're being chased by a man with a completely purple body, cyan blue hands, pants and mask. His music is also out of place too, since unlike all of the intense and scary themes, it sounds straight out of a NES game.
  • There is a pretty amusing glitch that allows the counselors to kill Jason by sending him flying off the map. One way to activate the glitch, one must hit Jason immediately after he grabs someone that was in the car or fixing the car. Made even more funnier if the gamer playing as Jason screams as he flies away. An example of this glitch occurring can be found here (from the counselors' point-of-view) and here (from Jason's point of view).
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  • The Spring Break '84 DLC trailer starts out like your usual teen beach party... until Chad arrives, showing off his washboard abs and looking fabulous while Kenny grinds his teeth in jealousy. As Chad starts posing for the girls, a spear suddenly impales his head, and Jason arrives on the scene.
  • There's just something funny about the fact one of Part IV Jason's kills is how Tommy killed him.
  • In a meta-sense, the "Tiffany's Booty" and the "Save the Booty!" memes.
    • The mere fact that a fictional character's butt, of all things, became a meme to begin with is hilarious in and of itself.

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