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Tear Jerker / Friday the 13th: The Game

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In General

  • Although some of the counselor's reactions to dead bodies can be a bit funny, some of the counselor's reactions can be heartbreaking.
    • AJ pitifully whimpers "No, no," in an increasingly saddening and frightened manner. Just think about it, a friend who she might have just parted with a few moments before lay dead before her. Another reaction she may have is first exclaiming shock, before claiming she can't look.
    • Tiffany has a similar reaction to AJ in which she is surprised to find a dead body, before remarking that she rather not look.
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    • Vanessa lets out a sharp gasp before solemnly wondering what happened and wondering who the body might have belonged to.
  • When running away from an Ax-Crazy Jason, when getting into close proximity, dodging a swing, or getting hit, the counselors often scream "NO!" in a high-pitched and in a terrified voice. Some scream 'Please, no!' as a desperate, but fruitless attempt to get Jason to stop killing them.
    • Tiffany's scream sounds particularly desperate, with probably one of the loudest screams when running away.
  • When finally getting the fuse box fixed and the phone to work, all of the calls to the police sound extremely desperate and horrified, with some begging to police to hurry or ordering them to be there 'right now'. However, some of the counselors have to take an extra step to say that the call wasn't a prank and that Jason really was alive. It's perfectly possible to get killed during this second step.
  • If a counselor steps on a bear trap, there are either two reactions, both which are heartbreaking to hear. If no one is around or if Jason is nearby, the counselor will beg Jason to not kill them. If another counsellor is nearby, they'll plead to them asking for help. Better hope it ain't Chad...
  • The Jarvis tapes detail the sad, sad life of Tommy Jarvis as he's institutionalized in different locations after he kills Jason.
    • What's sad is that nobody believes him. Especially, his therapist who gives up on him. Tommy's reaction is heartbreaking.
    • What's worse is that the final tape reveals that Tommy has been waking up with cuts... at Westin Hills.
    • And then there's the fact that Jason ain't dead!, so Tommy's efforts to rid the world of Jason were All for Nothing (unless he manages to pull off another kill, but considering Jason has a bad habit of never staying dead...)



  • Although this game was made with a lot of best intentions by both the developers and had high hopes & potential, the fact that the game suffers from a tremendous amount of bugs and glitches is sad to see.
    • Another sad point is a number of griefers in the community, a number of them team killing just for the sport of it. It got so bad that the developers had to remove team killing from the game, though new problems may arise (players holding important items and not letting go).
    • There are also a considerable amount of 'modders' (cheaters) that make it difficult for anyone who wants to enjoy the game.
  • Due to the ongoing legal dispute over all Friday the 13th intellectual property by Victor Miller, the developers had no choice but to permanently cancel all future additional content for the game. This includes the highly-anticipated Uber Jason and Grendel map from Jason X.


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