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  • Alternative Character Interpretation: Is Jason giving the counselors a fighting chance for the thrill of the hunt? Depending on the match, it seems contrived that two cars, a boat, and a phone are disabled, but still have parts that could be found.
  • Author's Saving Throw:
    • Originally, VII was borderline unplayable due to being unable to run. While he could be used if someone was skilled enough with his teleportation powers, Vanessa was generally a complete game-breaker against him. This was eventually fixed by giving his powers a 20 percent shorter cooldown, making him much more viable (the balancing changes to Vanessa also helped).
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    • Many complained that the 'call the police' escape option was overpowered (and was one of the easiest ways for the victims to win). After the Beta, another step similar to fixing the car was added.
    • During the reveal of new counselors and their statistics, there were some concerns of the Edgy Guy's original Intelligence stat being a 4/10, which made his profile description of 'being a wiz at fixing cars' appear as an Informed Ability at best due to how the Intelligence stat affects how efficient a counselor is at repairing vehicles and electronics. The creators had took notice and decided to raise Adam's Intelligence to a respectable 6/10.
    • A small one, but renaming Intelligence to Repair was a quick, easy way of avoiding the unfortunate implications involved in both black characters having some of the lowest value for that statistic.
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    • Beta players would sometimes try to run Jason in circles to run out the time using the fence around the barn. Jason didn't have knives, nor could he break through the fence, causing a frustrating stalemate. This was fixed by making the fence breakable, and by making knives available in the game, allowing Jason to eliminate the fence and attack players from a distance.
    • The game being far more played than initially expected created massive server issues in the weeks after release. Not only did the crew work hard to fix the problem, as an apology, they created some content and events available for free, including two new outfits per counselor, free points, a double XP weekend, and a retro skin for Jason based off the NES game complete with a original Chiptune track to go with it.
    • For some, the size of the maps were a detriment, as they made it too easy for players to just run out the clock on Jason. Eventually, an update added small variants to all of the maps to address this.
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    • Some complain about the game's content not being worth the $40 price tag at launch. This is rectified with most of the DLC having been free, with the only paid DLC being cosmetic things like outfits for the counselors and emotes.
    • A minor point but it was always confusing whether Pinehurt Youth Development Center was nearby Crystal Lake or not in the movies. Alternate Continuity or not, it is clearly established as being here now. May also qualify as an Author's Saving Throw.
    • A big one in the Single Player Challenge Mode, which is a free update giving loads of fully voiced content for Jason to murder counselors with. This provides a lot more Homage to the movies while also giving Single Player gamers something more to do than fight dumber-than-dirt bots (though they had their A.I. increased as well).
  • Awesome Music:
    • XIII by Crazy Lixx, as seen in the trailer, a perfect 80s throwback with the same style of music from the era of the original movies.
      • Double points for Crazy Lixx and their song Killer, used for another trailer showcasing Jason's big kill animations.
    • Mitch Murder's chiptune song that plays whenever Retro Jason is used ("Return to Camp Blood") was also praised by many people, especially as it evokes the spirit of the original NES game.
    • Harry Manfredini returning to score for the franchise through this game as while it is synth-based much like his prior works in the franchise Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday and Jason X, here it is superior in comparison to the former two, as scary and intense as ever and paying a Genre Throwback Homage to his scoring back in The '80s. Jason Graves from Dead Space (which the first game featured Peter Mensah, who played Sgt. Brodski in Jason X) providing the helping hand for Manfredini, by doing the additional music also strengthen the music score for the game.
    • The game's programmer credits set to the classic "He's Back (The Man Behind the Mask)" by Alice Cooper.
  • Broken Base:
    • Players are generally pretty divided on whether Jason is overpowered or underpowered. If Jason really knows what he's doing, he can do things like "Shift" and "Grab" immediately after, scooping up a player without any opportunity to fight back. However, since people generally play Counselors more often, they get good pretty quick, and a good team cooperating efficiently can make it extremely difficult for Jason to get many kills.
    • The community can't decide which upgradable Perks for the Counselors are the most effective to use in a match. Since you cannot equip more than three per character, some argue 'Thick Skinned', 'Medic' and 'Nerves of Steel' work best, but by themselves are useless if Jason catches you at the match's beginning.
  • Complacent Gaming Syndrome: In the beta release, it wasn't uncommon to see more than one Vanessa-type character in a campaign, due to how the majority had wanted to take advantage of her top running speed and her generous stamina gauge.
  • Critical Dissonance: The game has a So Okay, It's Average response from critics, but the game has a respectable fanbase. Somewhat subverted since the fans of the game are fully aware of its flaws, but are lenient with them due to the small development team.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse:
    • Chad Kensington (who was ironically meant to be a Hate Sink and based on another Hate Sink, Trent from the 2009 remake) and AJ Mason have both proven extremely popular among fans for their awesome aesthetic, which perfectly embodies their character tropes. In addition, Chad's amusing comments and the fact that AJ's incredible stealth and high composure and intelligence makes her the one counselor that is close to Vanessa's level (without being nearly as unbalanced) also help a lot, as does the fact that she's based on Violet from the fifth movie, an Ensemble Darkhorse herself and one of the most requested among fans regarding possible counselor archetypes for the game's creators to use.
    • Tiffany gets a lot of love due to her Ms. Fanservice status and her useful stats (max stealth, along with high stamina and decent speed).
    • Eric LaChappa, despite his status as a Tier-Induced Scrappy, is a Memetic Badass.
  • Game-Breaker:
    • Vanessa is considered to be the best Counselor, much to the ire of even the most skilled Jason players, mainly due to her combination of excellent Speed, high Stamina, and decent Luck. These three statistics makes her the most effective Counselor to 'kite' Jason, which is accomplished by evading Jason for as long as possible by jumping into one cabin to another, and attacking him by surprise to regain lost Stamina used to run away again.
    • Tommy Jarvis is also this, as he scores 10/10 across his statistic board, although he is only playable for certain players who have either died or escape the level once Tommy Jarvis is contacted beforehand.
  • Good Bad Bugs:
    • In the Part 5 Challenge, Buggsy routinely gets out of his wheelchair and walks around. Given his cause for being crippled changes multiple times in dialogue (surfing, trampoline), many have come to speculate he's just got a sprained ankle and is playing up his injuries to get sympathy sex.
    • All versions of the game have a bug where the game will randomly forget your chosen counselor/Jason in favor of the default "Random" option. The "Good Bad" part comes in the Switch port, where on rare occasions, this bug will result in the random Jason being very random, as in textures being swapped. Ever wanted to play as Part VII Jason with Retro Jason's textures, complete with a tattered purple outfit and skeletal bits that are still colored regularly? Now you can!
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: The fact that Vanessa Jones can also don the sweater to masquerade as Pamela Voorhees and stun Jason. And he still falls for it.
  • Just Here for Godzilla: People watch or play the game to see Jason do what he does best.
  • Moe: Deborah falls under the cute nerd type. The Moe-ness only intensified with her Halloween costume, which is a bunny suit.
  • Narm Charm:
    • Yes, Retro Jason looks ridiculous in his cyan and purple color scheme and sticks out like a sore thumb in an otherwise serious game. But that's exactly the point.
    • Chad's Jaw Drop during Jason's arrival is just glorious (to the players who don't find it too Uncanny Valley instead).
    • The hair physics, especially for Deborah and Tiffany, are known to spaz out in hilarious ways.
  • Nightmare Retardant:
    • While normally pretty terrifying, some versions of Jason don't make him look too frightening and instead make him look like a big old teddy bear.
    • The numerous glitches and quirks can take you out of the game.
  • No Problem with Licensed Games: While the game is decidedly not perfect, it's generally considered a good game and a very faithful video game adaptation of the movies.
  • Scrappy Mechanic:
    • Jason's ability to grab counselors is considered 'unfair' and 'overpowered' for a few reasons by players playing as counselors:
      • The 'break free' mechanic for the counselor is considered to be virtually pointless by many, as a player controlling Jason is only required to press a single button to initiate an uninterruptible instant-kill animation. Unless Jason is incompetent or Cherry Tapping by dragging the counselor to an environment kill, the counselor will never get a chance to break free.
      • Jason's ability to 'Shift' allows him to disappear and quickly close in the gap between Jason and a fleeing counselor before reappearing. If Jason is close enough, the player can cancel the 'Shift' ability and immediately grab them from within range, which is almost guaranteed to work if the player is skilled enough to abuse this technique. Shift would be a complete Game-Breaker if not the fact that it requires a lot of practice to execute, and even then the most experienced gamer can get stuck on obstacles.
      • Jason can successfully grab a counselor in the middle of their melee attacking animation regardless of their health, which already makes combat a bigger risk than usual considering how slow on the draw counselors are when they swing their melee weapons.
      • Most controversially, the range of Jason's grab does not match his animation, as his range seems to allow him to grab a counselor even if they are around five feet away from him and should logically be far away enough to avoid his grab.
    • Jason's Morph ability will allow you to teleport across the map, but it often only puts the serial killer in the general vicinity of where he wants to be, not the precise area. Nothing's more annoying than chasing down fleeing Counselors in their car, and you morph after them into woodland, a short distance away from the road.
    • His ability to Block is also controversial, as it virtually makes Jason immune against nearly every attack in the game. A skilled Jason player can use Jason's Block ability to walk over counselor's bear-traps and set them off without actually being trapped in them, walk over firecrackers and avoid being stunned by the defense item, and most annoyingly, guard against a flare-gun and all melee attacks regardless of which direction Jason faces. The only weapon that bypasses Jason's Block ability is the shotgun, which is guaranteed to knock Jason to the ground.
    • Jason's ability to stack his own bear-traps on top of each other is also poorly received, as it means that it is virtually impossible for a Counselor player to fix a phone box or repair a car without risking the trap being set off and alerting the Jason player. Considering how uncommon pocket knives are, and since it's the only guaranteed method to break out of Jason's grab command, it makes disarming Jason's traps not worth the risk to sacrifice a get-out-of-jail-free card to disarm one trap sitting next to, or on top of another.
    • Counselors cannot carry car/boat parts and offensive weapons at the same time. This leaves whoever decides to work on the vehicle extremely vulnerable.
  • Spiritual Successor: The single player missions can be considered this for Manhunt. They both allow you to play as a serial killer who has to kill his targets in spectacular ways and both prioritize stealth.
  • That One Achievement: Getting Gold Badges on escaping by boat and boat repairs. Leaving the camp by boat is deceptively simpler than by car, as it only requires the fuel and propeller. But the parts are never anywhere near the boat, and Jason moves much faster than you in the water, so trying to escape at all via this method is suicide.
  • Tier-Induced Scrappy:
    • High Tier
      • Vanessa is considered to be the best Counselor, bar none. Her excellent Speed and relatively high Stamina allows her to play keep away and waste Jason's time going after her. Even with Jason's Rage Mode buff that stops players from stunning him with melee weapons, Vanessa still proves to be highly difficult to catch when under the control of an experienced player.
      • Deborah is the best Counselor to make repairs, not just because she has the highest Repair that allows her to tackle objectives in seconds, but she has high enough Stealth to allow her to jog quietly enough to remain undetected via sound blips early on.
    • Low Tier
      • Shelly is considered to be the worst Counselor due to his poor stat distribution. He is slow and has terrible Luck, his Repair is not high enough to consisently tackle objectives as quietly as possible, his Stealth is not high enough for him to jog silently, and his high Strength is rendered useless once Jason's mask is removed.
      • Jenny is also considered underwhelming due to her terrible Speed, average Stamina, and low Repair. Her high Luck is rendered irrelevent once Jason reaches Rage, and her excellent Composure also doesn't offer her much in the way of surviving, out of using two maxed out Fear Resistance perks that renders her immune to Fear, a feature only Jenny can achieve.
  • Uncanny Valley:
    • It might be the lighting, but Chad's facial model during the intro always looks strange.
    • When Jason catches up to a player, their face looks so off. Even when they're walking normally.
  • Unexpected Character: A few:
    • NES "Retro" Jason as a skin was a surprise, considering the infamy of the game he comes from.
    • Part I Jason in the Virtual Cabin 2.0, as many doubted his child self could appear in any capacity.
    • Uber Jason who was also confirmed via the Virtual Cabin along with a new map set on the Grendel instead of an official announcement.
    • Part 9 Jason was an unusual choice to appear, due to Jason in his physical form having very little screen time in Jason Goes To Hell.
    • Part 5 Jason came as a surprise, both due to the general dislike his movie got and not being Jason at all.
    • Fox and Shelly from Part 3. One is a memorial to the actress but the other is just Fanservice.
  • Underused Game Mechanic:
    • Unlike the Counselors, Jason has no Perks to customise him with save for choosing what grab-kills you want. There could've been something for everyone, from an expert tinkering with the duration and cool-downs of Jason's abilities, to a novice player who finds bear traps too cumbersome and would rather have many throwing-knives instead.
    • Jason has no medium to long-range attack except for knives. You don't even have that many at your disposal unless you want to waste time looking. Whether aiming or using a quick throw, hitting your moving targets is finicky as you try to align the camera over Jason's right shoulder note . This could've been easily mitigated if Jason could lock-on to nearest Counselor in combat stance or at the expense of using his Sense ability.
    • An inexperienced Jason can quickly get ridiculously overpowered by all the Counselors if they're coordinated and stick together (especially if three players are picked as Vanessa taking kiting and attacking in turns). Jason can't block from all angles. His rage ability would best counter this sort of nonsense, except the meter doesn't fill up by being shot by the cops, breaking doors, windows, hiding places, walls, etc., it only fills up by taking damage - risking you losing your mask and being killed. If Jason's Rage would automatically unlock if say e.g. five or more counselors surrounded him, it would make the challenge much more balanced.


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