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Funny / Frankie Boyle's Tramadol Nights

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This is a show by Frankie Boyle. Expect ungodly levels of line crossing.

  • The very first scene in the show? Policemen line-dancing in front of a black man strapped to an electric chair to the song Let Her Dance by Bobby Fuller.
  • The brief scene in the intro of a guy happily scrubbing himself in the shower...with a swastika drawn on his forehead.
  • Frankie mercilessly roasting audience members:
    A cross between Andy Bell and a pickled fetus in a fucking jar! Like a child's drawing of a dead baby!
    What drew you into him? Gravity?
    How you doin', ya fuckin' loyalist terror suspect?
    A photographer? You're a pedophile who failed his priest exam!
    You're a fireman? In a Village People tribute band!
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  • Frankie talking to a weirdly evasive audience member.
    You're lyin' to me, aren't you? What's with this sort of elaborate cover story? Are you Jon Venables?
  • The entire skit of Michael Knight as a criminally insane man.
  • Frankie's idea for products to start making attack ads.
    Policeman: Sarge, we caught a pedophile!
    Sarge: Really? What was he doing?
    Policeman: Eating Walker's Crisps!
  • Frankie Boyle's reinterpretation of The Benny Hill Show.
    • The milkman escorts an old woman onto a bus. Unfortunately, the bus is heading to a Dignitas center. Cue Yakkity Sax and the woman's husband chasing the milkman down the road.
    • The milkman accidentally bumps into a tattoo artist inking a portrait of Marilyn Monroe onto a man's back, turning it into a portrait of Myra Hindley.
    • The milkman hides in a home and starts touching himself when he hears a woman moaning from the bedroom. Turns out it's actually an exorcism and the demon runs out of the woman to chase him!
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    • The milkman trying to hide in a movie theater, accidentally knocking over an employee who drops his reels and, instead of putting in "Shrek 3D", he puts in "Snuff 3D." The masked men in the film come out of movie to chase him as well, leaving the woman they were about to kill utterly confused.
  • Frankie's interpretation of The A-Team as "actual" Vietnam veterans.
    Narrator: Imprisoned for a genocide they didn't commit...and a few they did...
  • The History of PCP. All of it.
    • The Spartans taking PCP, conquering the Persian Army...and then moving on to turn half the world and half the moon into Sparta.
    • Paul Marsh winning the Olympic 300-meter dash on PCP despite being dead.
    • Rocky was the first film made entirely on PCP. The director's cut is two days long.
    Second World War II was fought on PCP. Think about it, you met your grand dad - did it look like he could run up a beach? Anyway it all ended for the Germans on D-Day when the Allies took all their PCP, ran across the Channel and ate them!
  • The Magic Wee-Hing. A friendly forest creature that grants wishes to children. Unfortunately, the kids he meet are from Glasgow.
    Wee-Hing: I could make your toys come to life for an evening!
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  • The final skit of the show is a man with AIDS getting anal probed by aliens and, in the process, giving the disease to everyone in the universe. Cut to the Man in the Moon dying of AIDS. And that's how the series ends!