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  • Col. Mortimer's pursuit of his target leading him to unintentionally barge in on a woman taking a bath. After doing what needs to be done in the room, he begins to head out, but then pauses to tip his hat to the woman with a "Ma'am."
  • Manco's intimidation tactic of playing five-card draw with his target. It isn't until after Manco wins the game that the other guy remembers to ask what the stakes were. The answer? "Your life."
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  • The sequence-long gag of the midget hotel owner/manager and his...gifted assistant (implied to be his wife) who's really got the hots for Manco. She says: "He's tall...." He fumes and whines, "You're just dirty!"
  • "...Because of trains! Because of the goddamn trains!!"
  • "It's just like the games we know."
  • Klaus Kinski's hunchbacked character's slow turn when Mortimer lights a match off his hump.
  • When Manco is totting up the bounties (and bodies), he feels something is a little off. One last guy tries to off him, but he's quicker on the draw. Mortimer asks if there's a problem. Manco responds that he thought his arithmetic was off but that it's okay now.
    Colonel Mortimer: Any trouble, boy?
    Manco: No, old man. I thought I was having trouble with my adding. It's all right now.
  • The poor porter of the hotel where Col. Mortimer is staying at. After packing the Colonel's bag, the latter follows him outside, where he finds Manco waiting, who tells the porter to take it to the station. Mortimer tells him to take it back and so on until he just drops it at the doorway and runs back in, swearing in Chinese.
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  • After Mortimer shoots Manco's hat into the air, the hat falls to the ground making a falling whistle sound like it was in a Road Runner cartoon.
  • A man approaches Manco, having spotted him in the middle of getting a shave. He approaches him in the doorway with half his beard shaven off.
  • A little Black Humor: Colonel Mortimer wants $5,000 for opening the stolen safe. Indio's counter offer is only 2 grand, but the Colonel won't lower his fee. Seeing how Mortimer had just killed Wild the Hunchback in a gun duel and the reward for the latter is $3,000, well, you do the math.
    • Following Mortimer's quip while calmly eating, when Wild tries to bait him into striking another match off his back:
  • When Manco wants the room right above the Hotel Reception, he’s told that it’s occupied. Manco calmly crosses out the name on the guest list and then proceeds upstairs to evict the current tenant. Said tenant, a ‘Senior Martinez’ comes running down to the Reception Desk in fear, urgently demanding his bill before Manco comes back downstairs.
    • What’s even funnier is that Manco does indeed come back give Martinez back his Long Johns.
    Manco: “I don’t wear em”
  • When Manco wants to get into Indio’s good graces, he breaks one of Indio’s closest friends out of Prison. How does he do it? He calmly places a bundle of Dynamite against the bars of the cell window, smiling affably at the prisoner inside. Without a word being spoken, he lights the fuse with his cigar and winks, all the while the man in the cell’s expression goes from confused, to shocked, to outright terrified when he realises what exactly is about to happen, and pulls his mattress up over him to shield himself from the blast.

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