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Awesome / For a Few Dollars More

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  • The final showdown, complete with Awesome Music and a Big Damn Heroes moment from Clint Eastwood.
    • Ennio Morricone's music, naturally, helps to really drive up the tension - especially when Manco pulls of the aforementioned Big Damn Heroes moment, to paraphrase a Youtube comment:
    *The second Manco hands off his bandolier and pistol to Col. Mortimer to restart the duel* Cue the horns!
  • Both Manco and Colonel Mortimer are given an Establishing Character Moment, where each of them tracks a bounty. Mortimer walks into a town that a bandit has taken over, chases him outside and shoots him calmly from a distance with a rifle from one of his many weapons. Manco, on the other hand, walks into a saloon, plays cards with the target and beats the crap out of him. His cronies walk up behind Manco, but Manco uses the bar's mirror and his Improbable Aiming Skills to his advantage, before killing his target.

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