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Heartwarming / For a Few Dollars More

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  • Manco comes to the rescue during the final and unfair duel, prolonges the showdown with another music clock and gives Mortimer a revolver. Manco had all the openings in the world to take out Indio when he surprises the two during their duel, but respectfully, he still lets Mortimer take the shot and fulfill the old man's quest.
  • When a man gives his word, he keeps it; and after slaying Indio's gang, Manco and Mortimer show they are real men.
    Mortimer: My boy, you've become rich.
    Manco: You mean WE'VE become rich, Old Man.
    Mortimer: No, it's all for you. I think you deserve it.
    Manco: What about our partnership?
    Mortimer: Maybe next time.


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