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Season 1

The Beast Forever
  • West casually noting that one of the Wizard's advisers (who are supposed to be chaste) is pregnant, and the guard is the father.

Prison of the Abject

  • After leading Dorothy through the mountains and out on Munja'kin lands, the chief bluntly tells her that he voted to have her killed, not exiled.

Mistress - New - Mistress

  • East's servant constantly refers to Dorothy as "Mistress - New - Mistress," to her annoyance.

Science and Magic

  • When West and Glinda are trying to get Tip to join each of them, Glinda says that her girls are educated while remaining pure, and West says that hers get to love and be loved. Tip sees through their metaphors immediately.
    Tip: So as a girl, those are my only two choices? Be a nun or a whore?
    [awkward silence]
    West: ...did I mention we sleep in?
  • Jack and Langwidere's introduction and the Insult Backfire between them as she's browsing through masks
    Langwidere: Who will I be today?
    Jack: A jackass?
    Langwidere: That was Tuesday.

Everybody Lies

  • "Even dogs know the bitches from whence they came."
  • At the end of the episode, Dorothy walks in on the Wizard listening to Pink Floyd.

Beautiful Wickedness

  • In one of the flashbacks, we see Frank trying and failing to make a battery to power his Walkman for the Munja'kin children. The chief's wife just smirks and sings a spell that animates a little golem out of rocks, before shaking her head and leaving.

They Came First

Lions in Winter

  • West having Tip drink East's spells

The Villain That's Become

  • Tip, recently reverted to male shape urinating against a tree, and West's subsequent response.
    West: You hold the power of my sacred sister, most Merciful and Stern. Try to be worthy.

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