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Everybody Lies

  • Jack beating up some thugs at the festival of the beast.
  • Dorothy escaping from West's captivity through the sewers.

They Came First

  • Dorothy protecting Sylvie from a pack of wolves with East's gauntlets.
  • Tip fending off one of the wizards guards with just a knife, a cold stare, and a few choice words.
  • West using her magic to find a young witch in a burning building.

The Villain That's Become


  • West being bound by 20 witches. Without context, this does not seem all that awesome. That is until you consider that West was not only a drug addict and out of practice, she most likely was weakened by her suicide attempt the previous episode, and still it took 20 witches to bind her, showcasing the power of the Cardinal Witches in a way that is not direct.
  • Tip using East's spells to simultaneously show the freed witches her memories and shapeshifting from male to female form to prove her identity, even giving herself a Pimped-Out Dress to boot.

No Place Like Home

  • Ozma being crowned whilst seeing his male form in the crown.
  • West standing up for her kind.
    West: My mind is clear. My tongue is right. I will not let another one of our kind die.

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