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Nightmare Fuel / Emerald City

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Season 1

The Beast Forever

  • The Prison of the Abject and the number of magic users inside.
  • The Witch of the East torturing Dorothy and Lucas.

The Prison of the Abject

  • Lucas getting poisoned and foaming at the mouth. Especially since, even after getting fed activated charcoal, his voice is even harsher and more strangled-sounding than usual.
  • Mombi's violent death. She got better.

Mistress New Mistress

  • West's girls magically hanging themselves under the control of the Beast Forever.
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  • Jack's lifeless body after he falls several stories.

Science and Magic

  • Jack waking up on Jane's operating table, screaming. The Body Horror is real.

Everybody Lies

  • West telepathically torturing Dorothy.
  • Dorothy finding Miranda's body in the sewers.

Beautiful Wickedness

  • All of the newly born witch girls. Never mind the solid black eyes, never mind the incessant humming and vibrating that sounds like a swarm of angry bees. No, the really scary part is the soldiers who start dropping dead, Blood from Every Orifice.
  • The Wizard now has a gun and has already used said gun to kill Anna. Who knows what he's going to do next with a weapon like that.

They Came First

  • The Screaming Forest, no matter what time of day it is.
  • Imagine being helpless to watch as a pack of wolves charges towards your child...
  • Sylvie magically shaking the house, black eyes and all
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  • Any scene showing the drowned witches
  • The Wizard announcing his plan to eradicate magic and the following scenes:
    • The Wizards Guard storming through the city and tearing countless girls from their houses some having had to be pulling from their parents arms. The girls are then held captive as part of the witch hunt
    • Two of the Wizards guards getting killed by a pyrokinetic witch
    • Glinda's acolytes being executed. The way in which they're executed is horrific: their legs were chained so they could be dragged into a pit with a young witch whose pyrokinesis has become unstable and uncontrollable. The council were incinerated.

Lions in Winter

  • Some of Glinda's new generations of witches have succumbed to an almost catatonic state as a result of being forced to perform magic beyond their capabilities. What's worse is Glinda's disregard for the girls, nonchalantly telling Dorothy of their condition.
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  • Tip/Ozma's toddler memories of watching the Lion of Oz kill her parents under the Wizard's orders.
  • Dorothy's Tranquil Fury when she realizes that Glinda sees nothing wrong with turning little girls into soldiers, and not caring if the toll is too much for them to bear. She gains control of East's gauntlets and uses them to nearly strangle Glinda to death, only stopping because Lucas came in.

The Villain That's Become

  • Lucas violently attacking Dorothy to the point where Toto comes in to bite him.
  • Jane using a scalpel to peel off Langwidere's face, revealing her robotic undersides.
  • We've already seen what young witches can do, and that was bad enough. This episode shows what a group of fully capable witches can do. A group of them restrains West – keep in mind, until now the Cardinal Witches had been basically portrayed as invincible except for East's accidental suicide – by holding her in the air, forcing her body to contort unnaturally, and sewing her mouth shut. The Wizard may be a Fantastic Racist tyrant, but he was right to fear the Witches.
    • On the other hand (and this crosses into Awesome territory), the same scene shows just how powerful the Cardinal Witches really are. West is emotionally distraught, out of practice, just recovered from a suicide attempt, and possibly drug-addled. And it still takes over twenty witches to hold her still. Maybe the reason the Wizard never killed or imprisoned the Cardinal Witches was because nobody else could.

No Place Like Home

  • One of the prisoners in the Abject is with no skin. After Dorothy inadvertently frees him, the first thing he does is get his skin hanging from the tree and wear it like a sick costume. Then he starts growling, sounding more and more inhuman before he grows massive demon wings and takes to the sky, casting a huge shadow over the land of Oz. Ladies and gentlemen: The Beast Forever is back.
  • The witches swarming around the battlefield in the shape of buzzing insects.
  • Sylvie and her sister witches getting shot by the Wizard. They don't stay dead, but it's extremely unsettling

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