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Tear Jerker / Emerald City

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Season 1

The Beast Forever
  • West crying when Mistress East dies permanently

Prison of the Abject

  • Tip looking lethargic and miserable in Mombi's home.

Mistress, New Mistress

  • Tip struggling to adjust to her new body and identity.
  • West showing survivors guilt by admitting that shes glad that the wizard outlawed magic because it didn't save her sisters from the war against the Beast. She even calls magic "a drug worse than the poppy."

Science and Magic

  • After Jack wakes up and sees the changes Jane made, we get this exchange:
    Jack: You took my heart.
    Jane: And given you a new one. One that can never break.
    Jack: That's where you're wrong.

Everybody Lies

  • West cruelly exploiting Dorothy when she learns that Karen Chapman gave her up for adoption, asking why she couldn't take care of one child when Mother South had a thousand. She even goes so far to shapeshift into Karen's likeness to try and get the answers she wants out of Dorothy. As Happily Adopted as she is, it's clear that the circumstances of Dorothy's adoption are still unknown and a touchy subject for her.
  • The look on Ojo's face when West says she lied about being able to bring his wife back.
  • Langwidere's description of her father's condition:
    Langwidere He's not sick, he's simply leaving us...without leaving us...

Beautiful Wickedness

  • Everything about Jack and Tip's reunion from Tip's Anguished Declaration of Love to Jack revealing his modifications on Langwidere's orders
  • Langwidere when she sees her father dead

They Came First

  • Jack woefully saying that Tip hates him.
  • Langwidere mourning the loss of her father
  • Dorothy and Sylvie having to watch as Glinda restores Lucas' memories after which he remembers that he and Glinda are together and kisses her.
    Dorothy: *tearfully*...Lucas?
    Lucas: That's not my name.
  • West being consumed by guilt for all the witches lost in the battle against the Beast Forever seeing the loss as her's and Glinda's fault.

Lions of Winter

  • The episode is one big Tearjerker for West. First, she convinces Tip to drink East's spells, which apparently kills her. Then obviously heatbroken and distraught, she travels to Glinda's castle and begs her to let her see Mother South, to which Glinda coldy rebuffs her. It culminates in her slitting her wrists and laying down in the Temple of Cardinal Witches, mumbling the last words she shared to the witches who died in the war.
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  • Dorothy being rejected by Sylvie, and once more finding herself alone in Oz with Toto by her side.
  • As cruel as she is, it's clear that Glinda loves her husband, and so her reaction to him developing feelings for Dorothy is understandable.

The Villain That's Become

  • Dorothy fighting for her life against Lucas, who has been sent by Glinda to kill her. He clearly doesn't want to hurt her but thinks killing her is the only way to destroy his feelings for her. It ends with Dorothy stabbing Lucas in his kidneys, and then tying him up as a scarecrow while he's unconscious and bleeding out, just like when she found him.
    Dorothy: You got your wish. I never happened to you.
  • Jack accidentally killing Langwidere as she's held hostage by the Wizard. He carries her dead body to Jane and begs her to 'fix' her...only to recoil in horror when Jane quietly reveals that she was a robot, built from the remains of the real Langwidere at her father's request.

No Place Like Home

  • Eamonn's punishment from Queen Ozma after he confesses to killing her parents. He expects to be executed. Instead, Ozma has Eamonn's wife and two children summoned, then promptly uses their magic to erase his existence from their memory. The look on his face when his wife recoils from him and insists she doesn't know him, it's heartbreaking.
  • Dorothy being reunited with her birth mother, Jane, only to be sent back to Kansas abruptly.

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