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Heartwarming / Emerald City

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Season 1

The Beast Forever

  • Dorothy helping an elderly patient with her nails during her work shift, and they're both having a laugh at the spilled nail polish.
  • Later Dorothy is seen celebrating her birthday with Em and Henry.

Prison of the Abject

  • Jack and Tips friendship in general.
  • After watching Tip look so miserable and desperate to leave, the look on his face when he and Jack see each other and going for a hug after Dorothy breaks down the door definitely qualifies

Mistress, New Mistress

  • After Anna learns the truth about her mother, the Wizard gives her solace telling her that all that matters is who she is right now.
  • Jack's dedication to helping Tip after his medicine wore off, turning him into a girl and his acceptance and reassurances of his situation.

Magic and Science

  • When Jack wakes up on Jane's operating table, the first thing he says is Tip's name
  • Dorothy's interactions with Sylvie and the concern that she shows for her well being.
  • After Lucas argues with Dorothy about how they don't have the time to look after a lost little girl, he's the one who takes Sylvie and looks after her for days when they have to split up.
  • The Wizard pulling a Comforting Comforter over Anna as she sleeps.

Everybody Lies

  • Lucas bonding with Sylvie.
  • Sylvie playing with Toto.

Beautiful Wickedness

  • The flashback showing Frank with an infant Dorothy
  • The Reveal that Eammon has been taking care of Sylvie in his house.

They Came First

  • Seeing Dorothy, Lucas and Sylvie at the farmhouse together as a sort of makeshift family: Dorothy and Sylvie playing games together and making dinner and Lucas taking watch to make sure the Wizard's Guard haven't followed them.
  • The way Tip helps West shows an almost familial bond between the two, it having deepened since Tip came to work for West.
  • Any scene showing Dorothy and Sylvie
  • Elizabeth trying to save the other councilwomen from execution, by claiming she was the only traitor and the others are innocent. Unfortunately, it doesn't work.

Lions in Winter

  • Dorothy helping one of Glinda's acolytes in childbirth

The Villain That's Become

  • The look on West's face when she sees that Tip is alive

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