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Trivia / Emerald City

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  • Actor Allusion: Frank Morgan is shown with a book about Orson Welles, who Vincent Donofrio physically played (with the voice dubbed by Maurice LaMarche) in Ed Wood.
  • California Doubling: Much of the architecture of the eponymous Emerald City is lifted directly from Barcelona. Anyone casually familiar with the city will notice Gaudi's work, most notably scenes taking place inside Park Güell.
  • Friday Night Death Slot: Poor Emerald City. It didn't help that it went through Development Hell and was cancelled in production before it came back, but it was saddled with the infamous slot, causing its rating to be crappy. The result? Cancellation after ten episodes. The ever-growing fanbase are calling for the show to be moved to Netflix or another streaming service, and some are even calling for a second season to be made as the show was cancelled on a cliffhanger. Even Ana Ularu, one of the actors of the show, would be happy for a second season. Sadly, we may never know of the show's fate, but it might as well be dead for good.
  • Fake Brit:
    • Germans Florence Kasumba and Mido Hamada as Mistress East and Eamonn respectively.
    • Romanian Ana Ularu as Mistress West.
  • Troubled Production: Originally, it was announced in 2014, but was cancelled in 2015 before it began filming. THEN in 2016, it was Un-Cancelled and began development again.


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