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"Great camera angle!"

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  • General/Running Gags:
  • Episode 2:
  • Episode 5:
    • Emile decides to talk to a sleeping Susano after they give him Kushi's sake. This leads to a closeup camera view of Chibiterasu's behind, which leaves Emile cracking up for a good minute.
  • Episode 6:
  • Episode 8:
    • Before reviving the Konohana tree, Emile puts in Mr. Orange's "breakdancing before breakdancing was breakdancing" scene from Ōkami for old time's sake.
  • Episode 10:
    • At the end of the episode, he says "See you guys...den!"
  • Episode 12:
    • After getting Cherry Bomb, he says he would like to take care of "one more thing", saying the phrase like Uncle does in Jackie Chan Adventures.
  • Episode 15:
    • Chibiterasu and Kuni infiltrate the Demon Market - but they need to make masks out of pieces of paper so that they won't get caught. Emile takes the opportunity to add some rage faces as a callback to his awesomeface in Ōkami.
  • Episode 17:
    • Intentionally scribbling with the Waterspout power all over the screen to make the game spazz out and lag.
  • Episode 21:
    • Emile severely fails at counting. This confuses him in editing since he had no reason to mess up there and he was an honors math student for most of his life.
      Emile: Saying it one time would’ve been four words, not three. Saying it twice would’ve been...eight words, not...six? Can someone just explain to me one thing? WHY AM I AN IDIOT?
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    • Later, one of the NPCs burps. Instead of saying "burp" or trying to burp, he inserts an audio clip of NintendoCapriSun burping.
  • Episode 22:
    • He brings up his failure at counting again, almost as if he's trying to turn "I HATE ICE LIPS!" into a meme.
  • Episode 25:
    • "Whaddaya mean I did badly on 'team'?!"
  • Episode 29:
  • Episode 30:
    • "Hammering a hoe!"
      Emile: There goes my family-friendly image.
    • His obvious disappointment that Issun didn't say the words "half-baked prophet" in connection with Kurow.
  • Episode 32:
    • Emile's rage and failure at taking on two Thunder Ears.
  • Episode 33:
    • His pretending to the end the video off after moving one of those magnetic balls off a cliff.
    • His description of Kurow.
      Emile: Kurow, nothing can be heavier than your ego that Chibi has had to carry around through this whole adventure to these ruins. Alright, so he is not just a California surfer-dude-type guy from the moon. He is now a California surfer-dude-type guy from the moon that can fly, with wings!
  • Episode 36:
  • Episode 38:
    • Emile says that the guy who goes "YOOOOOH!" in the background of Ōkami and Ōkamiden music has the best job ever.
    • Emile's confession that he does not think that Chibiterasu is the cutest character in Okamiden. It's Young Gekigami.
  • Episode 40:
    • Emile has several That Came Out Wrong moments in the beginning of the episode.
      Emile: *reading description of item* 'Is there a connection between the two men?' So, I don't wanna think about Waka and connecting between another man. I dunno. Something about that just rubs me the wrong way- and of course I use the word "rubs" for that. I don't know why I'm just making jokes about every little thing. But we're gonna go down here, and we have this propeller that's blowing against us so let's blow right back- and now I'm talking about blowing. I'm just... I don't know, I am making all the wrong word choices in this video.
    • He manages to turn two fans into woobies by feeling sad for them after he presses a switch to turn them off.
    • His revenge against the Thunder Ears when he can hit them with their weakness this time.
  • Episode 41:
    • On the fandom's advice, he tried scribbling with the Vine power like he did with Waterspout — and then was derailed for at least a minute in transports of glee when it worked.
  • Episode 46:
    • He finally completes the Fishing Equipment manifest for Karude and is... underwhelmed with the reward.
      Emile: For a whole... sixth of a... level. [brings up Whirlwind and starts lashing Karude with the Sun Beads] DIE! DIE! Die die die! DIE! DIE! [still attacking with the rosary] Make a tornado! Hate your friggin' house! DIE! Argh.
    • Chugga figures how the old man gets to Yakushi Village.
      Chugga: I don't know, maybe old men have great powers of teleportation hidden in their beards. Actually, no! It's in the eyebrows. Have you ever seen anyone with eyebrows that big? That's right, you haven't. Because they teleport away before you can see them. Perfect scientific explanation.
  • Episode 47:
    • "So - make people get married, get money. Sounds like a good idea to me. You can be like Waluigi owning a bridal boutique."
    • He tries attacking the wall with his rosary and hits Momotaro and the animals in the process.
      Emile: I'm scaring animals and little children with a whip! *beat* Whatever you do, don't quote me on that and send it off to the FBI. Please.
    • He expresses disappointment that there is no Young Kabegami, as he's a cat person and the idea of a kitten god sounded adorable.
  • Episode 49:
    • His "sales pitch" on the Goryeo.
      "The sound of the waves, the smell of the bark hitting the salt water, and... the pleasure of sleeping at night, knowing that you will not have to be the one to scrape up the barnacles. Welcome aboard... the Goryeo."
  • Episode 50:
    • Emile freaking out over the autoscrolling water level with missable collectables. He starts to explain what happens when you get stuck and then immediately gets trapped behind a rock for a game over.
  • Episode 51:
    • The whole Genji thing, where he flirts with Nanami and runs off with her. He even directly blows a kiss to Emile on the other side of the screen. Even funnier is Emile's reaction to finding both of them inside a bed.
      Emile: Somebody call Chris Hansen!!!
  • Episode 55:
    • The prize for beating Dokuro, a giant skeleton, is a Skeleton Key. Emile stops in the middle of his sentence and cracks up due to the amount of puns he could make.
      Emile: To get the Skeleton Key... we had to open his ribcage! Or even better yet, I think he got boned on that deal!
  • Episode 60:
    • Emile struggling with the ice physics.
  • Finale:
    • Emile only manages to repel Akuro's magnetic hands attack once... because he kept drawing a U when it occurred, which attracts the hands together to clap him in, instead of drawing that symbol upside down (which repels it). And he doesn't realize it, even after he repels the hands correctly.
    • Almost at the end of the Part 2, he struggled three times trying to draw a circle to do Sunrise, so he could finally defeat Dark Chibi and Akuro, who only just had a sliver of health.


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